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#1 Post by Kennyb77 » Nov 12 2005

i was la and at the beginning i allied with san fran(the gay city lol). I had a good stable ecomony that could take the stress of war and i had made my contry had all the resourses it needed except ore and coal so i started to build up my military, but before i could get any tanks or infantry out northern cal declared war on my ally san fran so i declared war i got a land trasit with southern cal. for the first 3 months norcal won alot of victories until i start to put more tanks in northern cal, right before northern cal surrendered south cal declared war on san fran :-( i got about 3/4s of north cal. i couldnt declare war on south cal because all of my forces where in northern cal so i had to wait to move them back to la after i got them to la i declared war and after a week of fighting i got san deigo but san fran was pushed back and southern cal capture san frans capital so it was defeated and after 6 months of heavy fighting for each yard of land i had finally on all of Cal..... now on to the rest

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