Losing in California...

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Losing in California...

#1 Post by Slash78 » Sep 29 2005

The first Campaign I played and it ended in a defeat. Started a new game as Northern California. Still had the problem of the "incredible shrinking research efficiency". Took very drastic measures early on and it only fell from 93% to 73%, then worked its way back up to 77% by the end. (50% of Research going to eff., max out education spending, max out Research spending).

After previous games I decided to go on Very Easy with a Passive AI. Also ringed SF with Garrison troops, Dragon ATs, M198s and Hawk ADA. After that I began building my offensive forces. Reached 99 days to the reunification vote and I had a 4% point lead over LA. At 66 days I had about a 3% point lead. With 33 days It was down to 1.5%. Six days and I was .3% behind. LA won without a shot being fired by anyone.

Not sure why I lost. 44% approval was better then my opponents. Economy was doing good, GDP/c was up to $36,000 by the end of the game. Good size military, no shortages. Didn't start paying my bonds yet.

From a previous game, SF is hard to fight. They have such a large number of ships and aircraft, with very little that is out of range of them most of the time. Land based artillery has little effect and their opening missile salvo usually wipes out my fleet and most of my airforce. With such limited resorces I don't know how they manage. Same with LA. In a previous game they captured most of SoCal in a few months and SoCal was the aggressor.

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