New Ottoman Empire

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New Ottoman Empire

#1 Post by Thorgrimm » Aug 14 2005

Man!! I just got Israel to surrender as the Turks. Damn they are a tough nut to crack. :-) I started a new campaign as the Turks, and the Israelis by the end of the year had conquered Syria and Jordan, then were whooping up on the Saudis. So I figured I needed to take them out before they became untouchable with their tech superiority. I knew I was going to lose a lot of men, but if I could keep the actual unit losses down I could repair them and bring them back on line.

It was a damned meatgrinder, but as you can see it the end, all they had left was a few land bns and buttloads of air. My grinding them to powder worked. The same tactics a numerically superior army can do to a technologicly advanced foe. Use your numbers and back them into a corner and just grind away.
Damn this is a freaking good game! :P

Could this be the beginning of a new Ottoman Empire? Stay tuned :P


Cheers Thorgrimm
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Re: New Ottoman Empire

#2 Post by The Khan » Aug 09 2008

You could do the safe way, carefully allying them and sharing middle east together, then building up until you have laser tanks and make them declare war on you due to unit cap.

Oh well.

PS: I am amazed at foreigners tring to rekindle the Old Empire we lost...Your grandfathers were mostly afraid or hateful towards us :)
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