Singapore vs Costa Rica MP AAR

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Singapore vs Costa Rica MP AAR

#1 Post by Moritz » Jun 24 2005

In this scenario, both Cxkai (from Singapore ) and I got to experience our first serious mp game. We chose the Minnesota vs Winconsin scenario, and decided we would decide our victory through military means.
Since we wanted a fast paced game, we gave ourselves 3 min to setup. I decided that for my interests I would build fast units like light infantry. I also decided to build a mobile radar and some recon units. As for the airpower, I built some blackhawks.
We declared war almost immediatly. Since Minnesota has a disanvatage in this scenario as their capital is close to the borders, I decide I would focus my offensive there. However I lacked any serious armor, compesated by the fact I had a larger force of mobile infantry (ie M2A3) and a m270 MRLS.
In the first week of our war, my only squadron of planes was destroyed as I abused of its used. My casualties rised high very fast thanks to the the thanks that Minnesota had. However my superior numbers were starting to slowly destroy them.
In my southern border things were coming to a stalemate as he had a paladin armor protected by various infantry. My attempts to destroy it were useless as my arty stupidely moved too close to the infantry and usually got killed. I decided I would focus for a breaktrought in the middle where their capital was.
After remembering the fact I had a MRLS I decided to use against that damn artillery. However it wasn't before long that Cxkai used his planes to destroy my arty.
I began to get desperate as I couldn't get any results with my current army. Fortunatly patience pays, and by that time my light infantry appeared. With it I managed to capture and scrap one enemy base. I also managed to inflict serious loses to Minnesota. There, near the capital my opponent made the mistake to leave the tanks there. I destroyed whatever armor he had. By then my helicupter force appeared, and with it that damn paladdin was destroyed.
There we decided I had won, and started to share some comments about our performance.
So how was your first MP game ? Similar ? or more tactical ?
Welcome to modern warfare this isn't C&C

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