Oil's well that ends well

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Oil's well that ends well

#1 Post by Gripen » Jun 16 2005

Here goes, hope it's an enjoyable read...
Nordic States- Playing as Norway

May 1- Oslo Norway- Olaf the 1st
Olaf mused about the latest communique from the WM which pretty much amounted to "Unite, or else". Fine, if they want the Nordic States united, who better than me.

He glanced at the minutes of the three briefings that would put his plan for Unification into action.

The 4 Year Plan. He thought this "should" work. 8 Hydro dams should provide enough power to keep the right industries operating. His Head of the Economy pleaded to install one Petrol plant to help provide power for the people. He's a simple minded fool. :evil:
Every ounce of oil we can wring from the new oil derricks will be needed for profit.

Foreign Affairs
The World Market has been successfully duped. 8)
Bribes of insignificant amounts of funds have been wired transferred into the Treasuries of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Estonia.
The only reason we did so was to cement our relations with the World Market, milk them for funds, and war equipment, up until the point they're no longer needed.

Fly-By-Wire Technology gained.

SWEDEN- This was the coup of the century. :-)
We got:
Extended range ammunition for Artillery units.
Air Stealth Technology.
Building Plans for the JAS-37 Attack Gripen the JAS-39 Gripen, one of their SPG's, Composite Armor, and most importantly, a new deadly CV-90-120 tank.
They got:
Hmm, the impact of this is really more related to the minutes from the DoD meeting.

Some kind of "Biomass" electrical efficiency technology, a perfect supplement to the future power hungry needs of Norway.

The Defense Department- Olaf smiled bemusedly as he looked at the bullet points of this meeting with the heads of the Defence Department. That's a good one, "Defense" Department, there's nothing even remotely related to the defense of Norway after the purges I just instituted.

The Army-
Every city that clung to it's antiquated AA guns and garrisons and conscripts have been consolidated, and eliminated. Norway needs modern air defenses, not some Iraqi equivalent of throwing up as much flak as possible in the vain hopes of hitting incoming aircraft.

3 Overstrength and 2 regular Mobile SAM units are under construction. They will provide the cover for our 8 new CV-90 tanks. 4 overstrength and 4 regular.

The Air Force-
Three Attack Gripens are being built, not much, but hopefully enough. No new interceptors will be built. The F-16 falcons in their inventory from the good ole Nato days would have to do.

The Navy-
SOLD! Only a handful of subs are being maintained for "Coast clearing" operations.
The Navy Minister would have objected more strenuously except for his untimely heart attack when he learned of the deal with Sweden which got us the vital tank technology blueprints.
Olaf chuckled cruelly, I guess his heart attack was the strenuous objection. :wink:

We traded Sweden Naval Stealth technology, Naval Electric Motors, and virtually every document related to Submarine technology. :o
If the plan works, Sweden will be overrun by our troops and any navy they can field won't matter.

Part 2 coming- The Invasion

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#2 Post by bergsjaeger » Jun 16 2005

pretty good. Its ur first AAP isn't it? Well i be waiting for chapt. 2
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Oil's well that ends well -Part 2 (Just before the invasion)

#3 Post by Gripen » Jun 16 2005

June 1 Olaf's Presidential Office-

Olaf beamed. All was going as planned. :-)

Production of factories was proceeding. He rubbed his hands gleefully as the Completion dates for the new Oil Derricks ticked down towards becoming fully operational. :-)
The Treasury was slowly dwindling at acceptable levels. Soon the WM will intercede and bail me out of my crisis with funding for a cash poor nation. After all, they love us now with all of our wonderful gifts to the other nations. :-)

Research of Heavy Supply Trucks is almost complete, and when the new research stations come online, The Head of R&D has promised Large Bore Artillery weapon research within 100 days. :-)

July 1 Olaf's Presidential Office-Olaf raged. All was NOT going as planned. :evil:

Massive Industrial good cost has forced early activation of factories to lower the Industrial Good cost and also provide some exports.
The ailing Treasury was staying alive only through Bond Purchases.
Production of Military items has been delayed due to Production problems.

"4-Year Plan? 4-year plan!?! Incompetent *(&%^^$#(*^ Fools! They couldn't handle a 2-Month Plan!" Olaf stamped his foot and swore "No More Bonds!" :evil:

He spent 2 days on the phone personally calling each Factory, activating some, deactivating others, halting production on some, continuing production on others, and even alternating orders to a few factories within the same day. :cry:
"Shutdown! No, Startup production! Just do your (&%#^# Job! Make stuff, sell it, and keep the costs down! And quit whining about extra money for efficiency, just work 20 hour days!"

The Head of R&D promised the Artillery Breakthrough was just around the corner. He was being overfunded to the likes of which Norway had never seen, but always, it would be a few more days. :evil:

Overheard from outside Olaf's Office between Olaf and the soon-to-be-forcibly-retired Head of Department of Research.
"What the (*^$ are you doing with the money?"...(pause)...

"Goddamit! More money and more research facilities and your efficiency is still going down?"

"I don't know which is better, you tell ME! More facilities but regular fuding? Or fewer sites overfunded? Tell me a straight answer with the best way to get this research finished, or you're FINISHED!"
(To this day, Olaf still doesn't know what's better).

August 1- Olaf's Presidential Office- Olaf cautiously beamed...
Some was going as planned, and some wasn't.

Research Funding was cut to minimal levels.

The World Market didn't make any funds available, but did provide for minimal costs, extra suppy trucks, and a flight of 4 Antitank Helicopters!

Best of all, Denmark had declared war on Sweden.

The production of tanks had been so fouled up, the planned D-Day on Sweden was moved from it's precise scheduled attack day, to "Whenever the ()*^&$ tanks roll off the production lines"

Around September 1st-
All units moved into position to move into Sweden.
Olaf prepared to issue the attack

...1 wk later...

Olaf wondered why the units on the Front lines still weren't ready...

...1 day later after sifting through all the governmental red tape to find the person responsible...

Olaf issued orders for the arrest of the clerk who failed to issue Payroll checks to the troops and had decided that the Maintenance Line on the Budget looked too high and cut it to $0.00.
Rumors that this was indeed the same clerk had been issued a medal for cutting "Substantial costs" under some directive of a "4-year plan" are absolutely unsubstantiated.

Around middle-September about the time "When-the-()*^&$-tanks-rolled-off-the-production-line"

WAR IS DECLARED- Stay tuned for the battle reports. Your patience will be rewarded, it's a bloodbath...

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#4 Post by Lord Khazad » Jun 16 2005

off topic, but its nice that people are playing as Norway, it's where i am from :-)
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Oil's well that ends well - Fighting The Fight

#5 Post by Gripen » Jun 17 2005

Historical Overview of the Invasion of Sweden.

Despite all the hiccups in getting the starting forces to the right spots, the invasion was carefully planned.

THE PLAN-A small blocking force (with a few CV90's) was to move into Sweden, move south (Army Group South-AGS), and claim the Coal and Industrial factories, fortify some small towns, and proceed no further. Best to let Denmark and Sweden continue fighting. We didn't want to pull Swedish reserves up to fight us when they could be better spent fighting the Danes. :-)

The main Invasion force of M113A2's, Leopards, M109's and most of the CV90's were to head east (Army Group East-AGE), with the eventual goal of reaching Stockholm. A large Swedish lake would separate the two Invasion groups during the initial attack.

The Naval War
2 subs attacked immeadiately attacked and sunk a patrolling Swedish sub. One of our subs was 50% damaged, and returned to port for repairs. The remaining sub moved slowly along the coast in search of more prey. With a long repair time scheduled, maybe it would've been better to take out some more bonds instead of selling off those now missed submarines we used to proudly boast. Perhaps the Minister of the Navy was finally getting his "I told you so", but perhaps not quite yet...

After pushing further south, the sub easily sank about 3 patrol boats. It was then heavily damaged by another enemy sub and some stronger patrol craft (perhaps our own design! Finally, the Foreign trades of all the Naval and ASW technology came back to haunt us).

P3's and an ASW Heli were called in, and promptly sank the enemy sub. :-)

The Land Attacks
The timing of the attack couldn't have been better. The Swedish forces had pushed fairly far into Southern Denmark, then their attack seemed to falter. Most of their forces must be under repair. The time was ripe.

We witnessed one tank near our border moving to reinforce their Southern attack...It wouldn't make it...
Their tanks moved broadside to our forces, straight down the border, practically daring us to attack. We dared, and about 3 Leopards and 4 Super CV90 Tanks blew it to pieces in about 3 volleys.

AGS included the towed M114's since they would be unable to keep up with the speed AGE was going to be moving at.
Numerous enemy Light infantry, BMP's and a few tanks were engaged and destroyed en route south. Some M109 SPG's moved along the coast and sunk an enemy Patrol Craft and a Frigate, then were diverted back north to AGE.

Our doctrine was to send the aging Leopards into contact with the enemy first, then bring up the CV90's as mini hammer blows. This way, we intended to preserve the strength of the CV90's for the deep strikes they were to launch later.

AGE pushed east until heavy resistance was met. Enemy S-103 tanks and even CV90's were sighted along directly east of our positions. The enemy tried to outflank and cut off our supply from the north with a small armored force. The CV90's in reserve crushed the flank attack with minimal damage, however...

Our Leopards and M113A2's were getting punished by their tanks so we sent in the air, first with 1 attack heli. It was blown from the sky by about 8 Viggens and Gripens before even getting to the target.
The enemy air started bombing our spearhead.

We sent in the mobile SAMS to handle the enemy air, but we couldn't wait for all their air to be destroyed. The Spearhead of AGE had to be saved.

We sent in the F-16's, the 3 precious, expensive, attack Gripens to hit their tanks.
When the smoke cleared from the furious land and air battle, one Falcon and 2 Gripen squadrons were decimated, :cry: but their airforce was destroyed.
We prayed they had no more interceptors, and sent in our 3 remaining attack helis...
SUCCESS!!! Their major couterattack was blasted by our attack helis.
Some surviving forced limping back to a base that would soon be overrun, just as we planned...

Changing Directions- Phase 2
Once past the lake dividing the two Army Groups, AGE split into two forces. The remnants of the Spearhead comprised of the Leopards, M113A2's supported by all the M109's pressed eastward to Stockholm, but the rest of AGE, the carefully hoarded and fresh CV90's headed SOUTH to attack a major Swedish army base in the center of Sweden.

Army Group South left a tiny blocking force in place while the rest swung EAST to support the CV90's coming from the north.
The newly formed Army Group Center (AGC) took the Swedish base.
The 8 CV90's eliminated about a dozen howitzers, and about 10 other units in various states of repair as they sortied from their base in a vain attempt to save it.

The sole Swedish base in the south closest to Denmark was left untouched, to fight the Danes. Still they counter attacked north into the weakened AGS (now stripoped down to comprise only the M114's and 1 weakened engineer). 3 Airborne forces dropped into a town just in time, ahead of their BMP's. Despite not having time to dig in, the Airborne forces called in Heli support. The BMP's were promptly destroyed.

The remnant of AGE advanced slowly, punishing Swedish counterattacks with heavy artillery, and finally took Stockholm. AGE swung north and claimed vast amounts of Swedish territory.

AGC moved south to eliminate the last of the Swedish resistance.

Denmark should fall easily. Gassing up the CV90's...

Overstrength SAM units, lethal and mobile, were essential for air cover and inexpensive compared to about what 6 JAS39 Gripens would've cost me.

Getting the tanks moving to the right spots at the right time, and hitting the bases quickly let us crush their artillery without being bombarded. Sacrificing the Attack Gripens to save our armor was the right, but painfully costly thing to do.

Hugely fun game. I wanted to win without doing the "Light Infantry" rush.

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#6 Post by CptBritish » Jul 04 2005

Sound like you had a laugh...

I keep meaning to try a Scadinavian Game but i'm really enjoying my Korean game at the moment lol I have 700,000 billion in the bank and its still going up and I've only been in the game for a year :D

I wish I could finish my British Campaign but the lag is terrible on the World map :(

I can play hl2 on top graphic but a 2d game I can't hmmmm

But anyway I really enjoyed this AAR lol

You even manged to capture the emotions of playing this game lol "WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING WITH THE MONEY" I know your pain lol
"Tell me a straight answer with the best way to get this research finished, or you're FINISHED!"
(To this day, Olaf still doesn't know what's better).
Yep I know how you feel totally :roll: :roll:
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Over-strength SAMs

#7 Post by felinis » Feb 28 2006

How do you build "overstrength SAM units"?

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#8 Post by Draken » Feb 28 2006

In the same way you build any overstrenght or understrengh unit 8)

Just ajust the strengh slider before clicking on the "build" button

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#9 Post by felinis » Feb 28 2006

Thanks, I was totally unaware of that feature.

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