World Domination: Taking over the world from New England.

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World Domination: Taking over the world from New England.

#1 Post by Xetal » Jun 06 2005

I started a campaign from New England recently, and I'm going to track what's going on here and add more as I (hopefully) make it deeper into the game.

I started with Massachusetts.

The AAR is in the form of a journal written by my leader. If you read through it you'll get to know and understand him a little better... but he's a bit of an egotistical tyrant.


It is 2010, and the world has been broken. People are confused and scared, and tensions are running high. Our state is doing well thanks to my predisessor. He was an economic genious and brought us back to health from the brink of complete economic collapse. He did all this by building a military force that was capable of defending our fair land. The man secured both of economic future and our freedom all at the same time, and his thanks for his great deeds was assassination.

I have taken up his banner and continued the way he would have wanted things done. We will not fail, we will not fall, and we will not go quietly. The rule is best left to us, and everyone will understand that in time.

May 1, 2010:
Things are somewhat a mess, but we're in better shape than anyone around us. We have some leftover equipment from the Old World Order that we honestly don't have much of a use for. The world market is more than happy to take it off our hands for 70 cents on the doller, and I am more than happy to rid our state of this useless metal. We need the money badly, and I was able to make about 20B this way, which will further fund the defense of our fair land. The Unification vote is still a year out, and we've got a 2.5% advantage in the polls. Hopefully the rest of the weak states around us will not attempt to withold this position from their superiors.

July, 2010:
Our economy is much more healthy than it was a mere 2 months ago. We have a new nuclear powerplant halfway finished, as well as several other industrys that provide jobs and income to fund our defenses. Our neighboring states have begun to worry that are defenses are 'excessive', but I know that their intentions are to lull us into weakness and strike us down. I will not allow this to happen, and have ordered emplacements built around the border. In these emplacements I have stationed garrison troops and 155mm artillary. I will not let these villians take my state without a fight.

October, 2010:
We are now energy self-sufficient thanks to our new nuclear reactor. Through this I was also able to somewhat reduce the Coal and Petrolium that we are forced to import. I have increased the size of our military to counter the military buildup of my agressive and plotting neighbors. My first 3 squadrens of F-16's are finished, and I have outfitted them with smartbombs that will be capable of raining down destruction on those who try to invade me. Rhode Island claims that they could easily be used for offense and that it would be best for everyone if I left them in reserves, but they do not fool me. I do not intend to be caught flat-footed if my neighbors turn on me, and will leave them armed on the runway, ready to launch to counter my treatourous neighbors should they attempt to invade.

I have also begun production on a fair amount of light infantry units, as well as Patriot long-range anti-air systems. Conneticut claims that the infantry could be used as an invasion force and that the patriot anti-air systems could easily be used to provide cover for my F-16's to bomb a target, but the truth is that I know what my neighbors are up to, and I know that I will need both the AA fire and the infantry to defend my borders from them. I now have 21,000 garrison troops spread across my borders to defend them, as well as 14 units of 155mm howitzers, numbering 18 pieces each. The range on these are such that should my neighbors turn on me, the artillary will be able to strike deep within their lands. I am convinced that this is the only reason why they have not yet attempted to take my land from me.

January 2, 2011:
It has finally happened. Rhode Island and Conneticut were in villanous league with eachother and have declared war on my peaceful state. I try to build up defenses the best I can to protect our state from our neighbors, and their response is a military buildup, followed by war! They tell me that I must be removed from power for the good of everyone, but I will not resign so that they can minipulate the next leader of our fair state and use his weakness to conquor us. Because of this, they have declared war. They have made the foolish mistake of letting me further prepare my defense, and I now have a small group of tanks, as well as a large amount of light infantry and mechanized infantry. Luckily my forces are more powerful than Conneticut and Rhode Island combined, so I should be able to negate these warmongering monsters before they do harm to my civilians.

January 16, 2011:
It has been two weeks and both their lands are conquored. My Garrion troops held their positions while my artillary and F-16's pounded their forces. Their tanks and infantry was numerous, but they stood no chance against my troops, which were entrenched, had support cover, and honestly are better trained than their pathetic soldiers. They tried to launch their interceptors to destroy my F-16's, but their interceptors quickly fell to my long range AA fire, leaving their ground forces defenseless against my attacks.

New Hampture and Vermont were not supportive of me during this time, but luckily the World Market felt our plight, and have responded by significantly raising their approval of us, which in turn caused us to move ahead in the polls. It is unlikely now that I will lose the election in 4 months.

January 27, 2011:
Traitors, all of them! New Hampture and Vermont have betrayed me and started the invasion. They waited until my forces were weakened from fighting Conneticut and Rhode Island and then treaturously betrayed me. I knew it was coming so I doubled the troops defending our common borders, but I did not anticipate that it would come this quickly. They must realize that they cannot win the election, and are trying to topple our great nation in an attempt to gain power. I will show the weasels what power truely is.

Febuary 3, 2011:
It has been about a week, and my lines have held. My hated neighbors to the north rushed my borders with everything they had, and my garrisons held even through dire losses. My artillary continues to fire, and my garrisons continue to remain strong, even though they have lost over 4/10 of their breathren.

However, the time for me to strike back has come. My infantry, airforce, and tanks have been reformed, and are ready to make an offensive move into their territory, claiming badly needed resources, as well as showing their leaders what a mistake they have made. As I write this my troops are moving into position. Let us pray that their civilians welcome me with open arms and not bearing arms... for their own sake.

Febuary 13, 2011:
Their states could not hold up long against my full military might. I crushed them under the boot of my infantry and caused them to truely fear the power of my bombers.

The only sad moment in the campaign was the loss of my 2nd group of infantry. 3500 men strong, they were surrounded and destroyed to the last man while moving into vermont. I sent 6300 additional light infantry to help them, as well as 3 divisions of tanks. They crushed vermonts vicious army, but arrived to late to save the 2nd light infantry group, which were completely destroyed. My vengence on Vermont was swift and powerful, and their capital was mine within 48 hours.

New Hampture did not have the military might to significantly challenge me. They moved their troops to the border, but within 36 hours they were in full retreat and their lands were taken merely by 2800 light infantry, 2 divisions of tanks, and 2 mobile divisions of artillary.

April 1, 2011:
The election is just around the corner, and our only competitor is Maine. They have wisely decided to sit and wait for defeat, as they are losing at a 90 - 10 ratio in the polls. The World Market is organizing similar reunification votes in the states to the west of me, so I have taken this time to prepare my military to defend myself from the mindless brutes that live in New York and New Jersey, as well as catching up on research, giving it funding of an additional 40B over the last two months. My research advisor talked briefly of the development of longer-range munitions for my artillary, as well as improved armor for my masses of infantry.

I have further built up my forces in anticipation of this conflict against the creatures to the west, and have successfully created and trained 7700 Medium Infantry, 144 Defender Anti-Tank hellicopters, 3 squadrens more of F-16's, 120 more Patriot Missile defense systems, several groups of Scorpion tanks, and 6 Cruisers.

May 1, 2011, 11:59pm:
The election is over, and I have won. Maine recieved a meager 9% of the votes, with the other 91% going to me... further proff that I am destined to be the one who unites us all.

The World Market has informed me that the entire Northeast will be unified as one, and the date has been set. We will have 2 years to show the northeast that we are the only ones fit to rule. Hopefully they will see the light of reason, but if nessisary I will convince them by any means nessisary.

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