Little bemusements........

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Little bemusements........

#1 Post by isupreme » Jun 05 2005

Loved it the first time my diplomatic endevours resulted in a response:
"What is the diplomatic equivelent of Drop Dead."

Just playing China Campaign, single player. Shinyang declared war on me. Ok. Shortly thereafter Jinan decided to take advantage of me and also attacked. The FUN part is i decided to try to seek a cease fire with JInan. Focus my forces on Shinyang. I quickly hit the buttons for diplomacy and BAM! Jinan agrees to ceasefire. Nice I think. I continue my fun with shinyang, only to discover a horrible truth. Jinan invade the ocean enough that my seaport and ALL my boats were trapped. No way out. O! nO.

I like how in hindsight it would make sense what the a.i. did to me when it agreed to ceasefire. Took some of my stuff real fast and then keeps it!
:) Of course if i had boats on patrol and not in reserve i wouldnt have gotten taught such a lesson.......... BTW: I have now managed an ocean transit treaty. SWeet.

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#2 Post by november » Jun 06 2005

Ouch. I've wondered about how ceasefire works. I've never been able to get the AI to agree to one.

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