First Day

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First Day

#1 Post by shaolt » May 27 2005

Finally got the game today, eagerly been awaiting it for about a month...

The first scenario I played was the America scenario thing, and I was Western United States...

I read the first five pages or so of the manual and eagerly (too eagerly) jumped right in.

After about ten minutes of being totally confused even though I am a veteran of Civilization, Superpower, Total War, Age of Empires, Stronghold, etc... This game is definitely unique.

It startled me greatly when Northeast USA invaded me about one minute into the game. Strangely I was having great success on the Southeast border alongside the Southeast United States who was declared on by the Northeast (dang Yankees in the northeast are so militant)

I sold my ships on the west coast because there was no real threat there, and this gave me a positive income (I believe about twenty million) and I started training a lot of infantry.

I had so great success in the southeast front that I was very close to Detroit within about twenty minutes.

I did not want to leave Michigan unchecked, so I mobilized all my units from Washington state and sent them all the way over to the Dakotas and skimmed the Canadian border and took Michigan easily.

With two large armies, I sent one army group to northern New York and took control of the most northeastern areas and then began marching those units down the coast towards New York and Washington DC.

With the other group I marched south and took their southernmost areas.

Now both army groups closed in on New York and I took it. All that remained of Northeast USA was an area southwest of New York.

But then Southeast USA declared war against me.

Luckily, I had a great army ready for them mobilized by their border... I believe it was near Louisiana.

I kicked them back to about Kentucky and Alabama when Mexico declared war on me.... Apparently, they DID NOT forget the Alamo and were confident.

I still had the remains of Northeast USA to clear up, as well as Southeast USA to beat, and now Mexico.

Mexico crossed my weak borders (hey even in 2010 Mexicans are still freely crossing the border!) and I got panicky and gave up.


Afterwards, about an hour after mourning, I wanted to try out the world scenario.

Well I played as United United States and conquered South America within two months but then I just had problems balancing the budget and I did not want to waste the night away trying to figure out how to launch an attack across an ocean so I saved (not quit) and exited the game.

Oh, and it was really funny too because I had South America nearly fully conquered except for Argentina and Chilie, but I ran out of petroleum so my tanks slowed way way down... I mounted one last attack and surrounded Buenos Aires and before I even began to siege it, South America surrendered.

All in all, great game and the learning curve is about 2 days I would assume, lol

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#2 Post by Baloogan » May 27 2005

Take a wasp with some harriers and troops and a carrier full of F18s over to afria. as soon as you take a port get some AOE tropps heading over the atlantic.

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#3 Post by Decimatus » May 27 2005

You will need a fleet right next to the land spot where you want your troops to land.

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#4 Post by shaolt2002 » May 31 2005

I re-started the world map as USA again because now I am more aware of how to play the game...

For the most part, I have been doing tons of research.

Around March 2021, I had a research level of 2027, sad unemployment of 2.4%, and at some points a whopping 28% inflation (maybe I am not aware how to play this game!)

Anyway, the only thing it did to me was not allow me to build more units or factories... Which I can hold off on for now because I am going to go to war with South America and I do not need many units (although I commit probably 95% of my total army)

Essentially I use four main army groups... One marching along the west coast, composed of mostly tanks because in my previous game the west coast was well defended. I took two army groups, each about half the size of the west coast force, composed mostly of fast units.

My final group was on the east coast and that consisted of mostly tanks with artillery support because the last time I played the eastern group advanced much quicker than all the others and ended up penetrating so deep, capturing Rio and all the way southwest until Buenos Aires, where they were surrounded until my other forces caught up, but found only 2 remaining units of mine that were still fighting.

Thus, I proceeded more cautiously on the east coast, rapidly in the center, and just pounded the heck out of the west coast with air, naval, and tank power.

In the end, South Africa fell within about two months, maybe less.

Final kill/lost ratio: 1058/342, and about 100 of my losses were because my stupid air force ran out of fuel and kept crashing into the Panama Canal stupid them.

The war ended around June 2021, and within about a month, I had researched EVERYTHING in all areas, missiles, units, and all the technologies.

Since I was way above everyone else in research, and since they were costing me about 200 million dollars a day plus about 3% employment, I scraped all my research facilities. Now I had 174million income a day and my cabinet FINALLY started buying products I needed.

So, with cash and resources, I first went about to scrap all the facilities that were producing 0% and then upgraded all the facilities that I was either lacking or possibly needing in the future.

Then I built about four synthetic plants and a few fusion plants.

In the end, my inflation dropped from 28% to 7%; unemployment rose from 2.4% to 3.9%; and daily deficit went from -70million per day to a surpluss of 200 million per day.

I also scraped all my distant military bases that were the smallest, and upgraded the naval bases on the east coast and ordered them to begin building WASPS.


In about an hour I am going to get on the game again and prepare for my next invasion: Africa... Gosh why do I keep invading Third World Continents?

Now Africa currently has the second to lowest military... The lowest military, surprisingly, is India/Pakistan....

Now I did consider invading India/Pakistan since 1) they are the lowest military 2) they have tons of resources 3) I hate the way people from India do not know how to type English.. So my reasons to attack India are mostly because they are weak, wealthy, and annoying.

However, I have two main problems with that.... 1) their cities are mostly on the coast, and thus it will be hard to find an undefended beach-head 2) Once I take India/Pakistan, I will be surrounded my Southeast Asia, Middle East and Russia... which would be an unfortunate situation if all three declared war on me.

I have reasons for invading Africa, none of them racist.

1) There are plenty of long beachlines with no nearby cities, but nearby roads, meaning a quick, safe unloading and quick mobilization onto the roads while my army groups take key cities and I figure South Africa will fall within a week due to the places I can unload my army groups.

2) They have the most petroleum on the market, thus.... since everyone is stubbornly avoiding diplomacy, I will show them who is boss.

3) Once Africa falls, I assume Middle East and Europe will declare war on me... Luckily, I can place my navy in the Mediterranean or southern Spain so Europe will never launch an invasion against me in Africa (and I assume the AI is too stupid to attack an undefended Western Hemisphere)

Once Africa is taken, I can take out the Middle East and gain that precious oil.

After Middle East falls, I take out a weak India and get revenge on all those people who cannot type English well.

After Middle East falls, I can take out South Asia

After South Asia falls, I can secure my border against Australia and take down Russia from their undefended lands in the east

Then I can take down Europe, leading one group from Africa to Spain, another from Turkey to Bulgaria or whichever country it is now

Then another group attacks Eastern Europe

Then Europe falls

Then I prepare for the final war against Australia.

The world will hail my name! :x
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