The destuction of Charolette

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The destuction of Charolette

#1 Post by bergsjaeger » May 26 2005

This is part of the AAR the defensive war but its about the carolinas.

After i finally took out all of the Carolinas army and airforce. Not an easy task but was done. The thing that got me is that Carolina bombard one of my cities in the beginning of the war killing over 15000+ ppl. That got me ticked so now here i was sitting out side their capital with all kinds of units. Course they still had some in there. So i decided to bomb the hell out of em with arty fighters and bombers. after 2 weeks the army was gone but i wasn't done i wanted to take revenge for them killing my ppl. so i encircled the city with the arty and told em to bomb the facilty while i made air sorties over the capital. It took me 2 months of bombing but i totaly destoryed the city nothing was left on the map. And i killed over 65000+ ppl and in the first day or 2 i killed 10000 to 15000+ ppl of the bombing. course i could have tooken the capital but what fun would that be. Now i can say the capital of the carolinas is nothing but ruins. I got my pay back.

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