Central America - Costa Rica

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Central America - Costa Rica

#1 Post by SGTscuba » Oct 29 2008

This map is hard diplomaticly. Have been advised to avoid motorrized units.

Economy is just about stable, bought plenty of fuel off wm.

Managed to get a lot of designs in the area and got 3 mk1b ofliant tanks off the wm.

Now I have declared war on Panama.

Pushing forwards with my small army, I have scored a few successes managing to capture most of my starting objectives.

2 countries have just declared war, but are too far away to attack me.

Building few arty, few supply. Most of my ground attack units are Armodilos and v100's that are super strengthed.

(add picy here later)

My plan is to continue attacking Panama and make sure that I do not drag to larger force into the fight so they can concentrate on the northern border.

Currently I am trying to precure the amx-30 tank design, but it will take a while and may have nearly won by that time.

I am buying up so much petrolium before i get kicked out of the wm so that I am able to capture the oil supplies in the north.

Lost a few units and so my offensive has ground to a halt, however, at the rate i am killing their units, they will run out of manpower very soon.

Attacked in the north, but lost a few units, however, it has cost them most of their mobile infantry units which cannot be easily replaced by them. It almost cut my country apart but 2 battalions managed to put them back in their place and captured most of my lost land back. This is not an easy map.

For now, however, i am giving up building any arty or supply and now concentrating all my buildings on building infantry to make up for the losses in the fields, however, later on i may start build supply trucks again.

Soon my second base should be open and then i will be able to carry out more offensives. However, for now, and i waiting for me to build up an army of about 12 armodilos which will help to balance the force. They have 1 build cap whereas I will have 6 (soon). This will mean i will be able to outproduce all the other countries put together.
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