Treaty Integrity

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Treaty Integrity

#1 Post by Justifier » May 24 2008

How can I increase my tready integrity? In Mid.East scenario Iraq has %44 tready integrity and almost nobody wants to make alliance with me. Any suggestions?

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#2 Post by Lightbringer » May 24 2008


I am not sure that Treaty integrity is your problem. It might be making things harder for you, but I don't think it is the primary "stat" that the AI makes diplomatic judgments off of. Check your neighbor's "Causus Belli" towards you. Find the lowest and then start slowly. Ask for a trade agreement, and if that works, then try for an embassy. You have to work towards an alliance like you were building a brick wall, one small piece at a time, with plenty of cash and prizes in between for mortar.

Example: Syria has a fairly low Belli towards you, so you decide to ask for a trade agreement. Add in criminal extradition and perhaps some oil, or a technology breakthrough they can't attack you with. If you are short on tech or commodities, add in $1-5 billion in cash (maybe add it in anyway). The AI likes to be bribed when it signs treaties.

Let us know if you have any more luck.


P.S. Treaty Integrity measures how well you live up to treaties, so making a few smaller treaties should help that stat out.
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#3 Post by Justifier » May 25 2008

Every time I ask my potantial allies they say there is a trust issue. But I do not know how Yemen agreed an alliance for just 150M. :-?

I will try that building wall system and check the results. Normally I prefer that way in other scenarios but this time I don't have enough money for huge bribes and I need to make alliance with lots of countries according to my plans. Anyway thanks for the tip.

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#4 Post by el_slapper » May 26 2008

makes me think I never played the middle east. Should give a try. May be fun to make a Saddam Hussein revival & conquer the world with Iraq(though IRL, mmmh, maybe not).
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#5 Post by tkobo » May 26 2008

Ignore your "treaty integrity".
Thats part of my suggestion.

Next concentrate on your diplo relations bar with the region you wish to get treaties with AND the civilian approval bar of said region.

Raise the diplo bar thru gifts, and the civ bar wil rise also (though much slower).

Get the dilpo relations bar to full.Than get any treaty you want.Because as youget the dilp bar for a specific region to full,it will automatically get thecvi bar raising overtime.

At the point you have the dilpo bar full, any treaty can be gotten with the region the bar relates to,at a price.
The more time you allow after the dilpo bar hits max,the higher the civ bar will rise,the lower the said price will be.
Max out both bars and you can even make a profit on the treaty offers,by offering them a treaty if they give YOU something.
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