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#1 Post by Justifier » Apr 06 2008

God I hate that belli thing!

Ok here is the deal:

First of all I like playing with small regions mostly in Europe scenario. And I like playing this game like it is real world.But that belli thing just get me mad in last couple of days.

It has been almost 2 years since the beginning and thanks to the diplomacy system I can not make agreements with any of the countries.Their people hate me and bla bla bla...

I don't have any allies or enemies but I want to attack the country next to me. The problem is I don't have enough belli rating against them to start a fight. Yes I can start but what is the deal after all. In 2 weeks every god damn country in the scenario (23 i guess) will declare war on me. Besides I don't have power to fight all my neigbours together. I really hate that!! So what can I do here?

Another point is I don't want to live with wars forever. My economy is getting worse every day in a war.Efficiency ratings are dropping, prices are rising, people wants to get the hell out of my country etc. So my plan is: Start a war - invade the target or make peace after a good invasion - peace comes - and rebuilt the economy in a year or 2.

There is a general way for gain belli against the AI: build cap. Everyone say that if their build cap. is greater than you than you will gain belli. But I don't. My target has 2 times more buil cap. than me but my belli is not increasing a bit. Yeah I know. I don't understand the way it works. So how it works anyway?

Ok I know that post is not cheerful but i am not eighter.

Thanks guys.

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#2 Post by tonystowe » Apr 08 2008

First I want to point out that your language should not include such explitives in this forum - it simply isn't necessary.

Second, the CB issue has never been a favorite of mine and has been a nuissance in all of my games. Especially in situations where my CB continues to rise against the AI when I don't see any reason for it to rise. I would much rather have the ability to adjust my CB against an AI and control my country's situation. But alas, the programmers found it necessary to make the program behave as it does and in so much we must make the best of it.

Lastly, raising your BC will raise the CB against you on a regular basis in all of the campaign's/scenario's. I have found that as you double, triple, quadruple their BC you will see that pressure rise in greater numbers accordingly. I have found that positioning troops along your common border with the AI country of which you want to be at war with will also cause that AI CB to raise against you (or so it has seemed to me). I would like to tell you that you could end any treaties with them but I have NEVER been able to stop any treaty in SR2010. *** GOATS, why is this and I pray that it has changed in SR2020 **

I have also changed my unit settings to allow them more command decisions authority and to engage tresspassing border units. This, along with positioning many troops at the border, has caused a few wars.

There is my two cents.


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#3 Post by Legend » Apr 10 2008

At this point we are not about to remove the belli rating. There is a reason it is there. And that is to restrain certain regions from attacking whomever they wish. If you do when you are not "justified" then you must face consequences. This belli rating is used when retaliating upon an unjustified attack. If you are allied and they are attacked "justly" then you'd have to think twice before coming to their aid. Belli also makes you think twice before attacking regions...

In SR2020 we have new settings in the game that should allow more room for the many ways player want to play.

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#4 Post by Justifier » Apr 11 2008


Yeah I know man I was just attacked from the back from my neighbours and with that anger I wrote the post and my language was not cool.Sorry guys. :oops:

As I see from your post the BC should be double or so.Well my Bc is not that high that is for sure.So I do not expect an increase with the CB rating from smaller countries. But I do expect from larger countries on my CB bar against them.So I can make my attack.But it never happens with more than 1 country.There is always one bad boy and everybody are against him.In Europe scenario first it was Germany and they are doomed.Then it is Ukraine.I have both 85% CB against them.(Well Germany is no more so I have it only against Ukraine now.). But Romania has double BC than mine but there is not an increase.Not a bit.

The second problem is that I usually position my troops near the borders in a defensive line.With AA and artileries I hope stopping their large numbers there.But again there is not a change in both of our CB bars. I have heard something about that in the forum but I am not sure if it is right or not.The thing is, when you push your troops with large numbers to a border in a small amount of time than it causes a rapid CB increase.


I agree with you.I know that belli is a need and a very reasonable thing. It adds a realistic way of thinking into the game as I like.I just say that the current system is not the perfect one and when you try a different way of playing (especially playing with small countries) it causes a lot of problem.
Well...That lead us the legendary question again.
When will we be able to play SR2020? :lol:

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#5 Post by Lightbringer » Apr 12 2008


I do not know the ratio, but you have it pegged. Belli always goes to the big dog in a lion's share. Hence if you are trying to raise other's belli against yourself, having the highest BC is advisable.

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