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Embassy etc

#1 Post by MaxRiga » Jan 08 2008

Hi, where I can find explanation listed what kind of bonuses gives "embassy", "free trade" etc ? I've checked all PDF manual and haven’t found it.
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Embassy & Free Trade

#2 Post by Mitchell » Feb 18 2008


I am not sure if there is some additional benefit, but successfully negotiating the exchange of embassies always seems to improve Dip relations (both ways). One effect having embassies should have is to make future Dip negotiations easier - don't know if this is the case in SR2010 tho...

Free Trade means that trade between the two regions is just that, free. That is, there are no import duties levied against goods purchased from one country by the other (maybe applies to export duties as well?). In effect it means the two regions can buy cheaper from each other than they could from other regions, all else being equal. (Note: I should add that this is what I think Free Trade does; I have not figured out how to run an experiment specific enough to actually prove this in-game.)

Anyway, hope this helps.

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#3 Post by The Khan » Feb 18 2008

I have noticed that they slow down the impact of you other actions like declaring war against someone or having a higher build cap.

They don't stop reduction of relations completely, so they just buy you time for improving relationships.

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