civilian rating i find it¡¡¡

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civilian rating i find it¡¡¡

#1 Post by akikaze76 » Oct 03 2006

If you find social research and you give it other nations how gift civilian rating go up very hard. :lol: :lol:

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#2 Post by Il Duce » Oct 03 2006

...Not necessarily. Giving social techs 'may' improve civrelate, or it may improve diprelate, or it may have no significant effect.

The same applies to giving consumer goods. Sometimes it helps dip or civ, sometimes not.

Much depends on how much of your gift the government actually shares with the populace. For instance, if you give water conservation - reduces water usage by 5% - and the recipient government raises water prices, then you don't get much civrelate effect. You can't necessarily see the effects.

Same goes for tradable techs that improve things like health ratings - sometimes the recipient government just lowers their social spending to absorb the improved rating as revenue.
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#3 Post by tkobo » Oct 03 2006

Civ rep goes up VERY SLOWLY, and in VERY SMALL increments.This means that often you cant even see if it went up,where a gift is comcerned. :oops:

An email from your minister would be a nice touch here, telling if there was an improvement due to your action.

Somethign to ask for in the next game maybe.
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