World Market and general Diplomacy

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World Market and general Diplomacy

#1 Post by Firewolf » Aug 08 2006

You know when your building capacity is really high the world market opinion drops and all diplomatic relations go to pot.

Why is this, the world market should praise you for doing so well.

Other countries I suppose would have a belli against you, but they would be nuts to go to war against a country that can actually afford to fund the war unlike them!

Is there a way to stop building capacity being a factor to the AI? Its annoying and partially unrealistic in my view.

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#2 Post by red » Aug 08 2006

There's nothing you can do about it.

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#3 Post by tkobo » Aug 08 2006

The reasoning behind it is that the more units you can build, the more threat you are to the rest of region .Think of it as the "instability" real world regions always say another regions build up causes in real life.

Its not perfect reasoning and possible changes have been discussed .I'd like to see a more robust system myself.

Its unclear wether other factors can totally overcome the negative belli /WM rating build cap can generate.
There are things that you can do to reduce the build cap negative effect though.
Funding in social services does create a counter.Diplomatic deals do create a counter.Region prejudices can be a countering factor.etc..

But ,all that aside,there really isnt a need to have the number one build cap to begin with.
The AI simply is not capable enough to warrant you be reguired to outnumber them.And a defenseive line can be held against a staggering numerical advantage in favor of the AI your facing, fairly easily.
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