How do I please the WM?

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How do I please the WM?

#1 Post by kadrush » May 19 2006

Simple question, complicated aswer I guess, specially on comunist governments.

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#2 Post by tkobo » May 19 2006

Lower build cap (keep it lower than the region with the highest cap) ,enact treaties with other regions,maintain high social services,certain research,etc.. are the ways that come to my mind right off the bat.
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#3 Post by red » May 19 2006

Higher difficulty levels seem to put you on an inevitable slide to expulsion; wonder if easy levels are the opposite?

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#4 Post by sereemotorcycle » Feb 09 2007

I guess , Everycountry hate saudiarabia because of petro build-cap. :lol:

PS. Is there a way to see the relation between Al country to others Al?
Or see his build-cap or His Tax rate while playing in the game>?

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#5 Post by Balthagor » Feb 09 2007

build cap, yes, the other two, no.

For the bulid cap press W for the regional atlas, it is one of the pages.
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#6 Post by BigStone » Feb 09 2007

sereemotorcycle wrote:PS. Is there a way to see the relation between Al country to others Al?
You can toggle between the regions in the scenario lobby "saved games"
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#7 Post by Il Duce » Feb 09 2007

Be circumspect and prudent and very consistent in your diplo. You don;t necessarily need a lot of treaties and transactions, but act in good faith.

Expulsion is not inevitable - It's never happened to me.

Don't try to fight the trends or push things around - the WM does what it wants pretty much independently of your actions. Be a good neighbor when appropriate. When I am playing high-wealth region, I try to do what I think the WM would do before they do it. Basically the best thing to do is ignore it.

While it is possible, don't fight the markets and jack prices around too much unless you have a good reason to do so - sometimes you want to control a commodity, sometimes you don't. I am coming to believe that when I have a commodity advantage, it can only be traded in the context of a trade negotiation - this way you get regional integrity improvement, and possibly some belli effect, while it also keeps you under the WM's radar. The WM is not benign, but its agenda is capricious.
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#8 Post by Syagrius » Feb 06 2008

If I get expulsed by the WM or boycotted for my products and that I am at war with the other powers, how can you manage to survive financially??
It happened to me in my Middle-East game. Thanks
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