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Discussion about the Diplomacy System in SR2010

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#46 Post by tkobo » May 27 2006

"foreign aid package" type of diplomatic deals would be kinda nice.

A repeating diplo offer for a long period of time that transfers as a gift
to another region goods needed by that regions populace.It could include not only goods and resources but actual funding for that regions social services.

This type of diplomatic deal should be able to exist even in time of war with the recieving region.

It should portray a type of " We are at war with your govenrment,not your people" type of stance .

It would be cool if it actually lowered the recieving regions own dar,making its loss of control (loss of election,coup,etc..) more possible while raising that regions civ rating towards you.
And ended automactically if said government of said region was replaced.

With the new government for that region starting with a high diplo rating towards the ex giving region.

Very complicated, but it would be very cool.

And it could be a way to set the stage for something ive always wanted in the game, a way to get a region to "join" your region thru economics and /or diplomacy.
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#47 Post by BigStone » May 27 2006

I agree with Tkobo that the player should have more diplo or political possibilities to -destabilize- a region.
Something like: support the opposition .....

It could be a nice gameplay and it should be dangerous and delicate.
If you pour to much money into it you will get a negative respons... :wink:
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#48 Post by tonystowe » May 27 2006

I would like to see a red/green arrow next to Belli and other stats in the diplomatic screen in order for me to quickly see the current direction of my relations with that country. Granted I can hover my cursor of the graphic and it give me the current number, then look at my paper which is growing with numbers indicating my historical data since game start, however it would provide me a quicker method to "SEE" the direction.

I also believe that my Minister could be given a select number of countries to watch and report to me their status in terms of aggression/ non-aggression actions.

The overall diplomacy actions need to be addressed towards allowing more options. Off the top I would like the option to select multiple countries in which to conduct Free Trade agreements with in one action. I would also like to be able to discuss with a neutral bordering country their reaction if I attack our common neighbor. What can we discuss for him to remain neutral - such as him requesting that I do not mass forces of XYZ size on the common border or whatever.

Negotiating with regions the possibility of conducting embargo's against region "X".

Negotiating naval blockades or region "X".

various other thoughts but not enough time at the moment.

BTW, great game that I am thoroughly enjoying and I am very happy to have spent the money on! Cudo's to your team.


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#49 Post by BigStone » Jul 10 2006

Balthagor wrote:wanted to revive this thread since we've been looking at some of these factors in the game engine.

There are lots of things here that should get you in trouble, but what types of actions should you be able to take that make the poulation and/or governement of another regions like you more?

If you're neutral with two regions and want to bring one "on your side", what types of things (other than just throwing money at them) should make them take notice of you as a "potential friend"?

Or as a "potential enemy".... ?
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#50 Post by Balthagor » Jul 10 2006

Also a good question. If there are suggestions don't let update 5 stop you, the suggestions will still be useful.
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#51 Post by nghtmre15 » Jul 10 2006

What about conducting joint wargames (for friendship) or conducting military exercises near the other country's border (for making enemies). Such actions could be seen as cooperative or provocative (respectively) and lead to relationship changes.
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