Changing Government Type

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Changing Government Type

#1 Post by Kaiser » Jul 01 2008

I noticed that when u are going to start a scenario u can select the condition allowed governments to change what type they are. I.E communism, democracy, dicatortot, etc... My question is, how exactly is this done in game when playing? Everytime I lose an election its just game over.

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#2 Post by SGTscuba » Jul 01 2008

Once you have chosen it before you start your game, the only other time you can change it is by losing your election but making sure you have a high military rating because it will allow you to change to dictatorship. I have also tried to change it but it wouldn't let me even through changing the games settings. I tend to be a commie or dictatorship whenever i can. However if you play online there is a bug which will only give you the default gov type, however if you are a democracy and lose, you will turn into a dictatorship instantly from my experience becuase my mate plays the US online with me and is always losing money and his elections. Even so, some of my greatest games have been online as we rush to capture land and beat each other to certain places.

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