Same as above: asking cd key after reinstalling winshit XP

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Same as above: asking cd key after reinstalling winshit XP

#1 Post by radiatek » Apr 11 2008

Okay... I upgraded my PC for a more powerful one, and SR 2010 was in the old IDE hard drive. I tried to launch it, asked me the for the cd key...

Then was the beginning of troubles. Since i moved, i didnt have internet connection at this moment to get the cd key who is stored in my e-mail box... Had to wait a couple of months before being able to get back to the net, so now i get back this f****g code. BUT the code didnt work anymore!! So i went to this lovely forum, saw that i have to reinstall the game. Ok, but I dont have any installer...

So I tried to go to the "purchase the game" page, and tried to login. Without success (checked case sensitivity, different pw, pw in different purchase confirmation emails)... :s Seems that I can only log here into the forum, but even if i like the forum, i wont post anymore on it if i cant play the game :s

So I'm wondering myself how to do to reinstall the game, it is obviously out of question to purchase it again...

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#2 Post by Balthagor » Apr 11 2008

To be clear, the forum and BattleGoat Studios have no direct link to the sale of the game. When you follow the links to buy the game you are at a merchant's website, not ours. Your forum username/password will have nothing to do with the username/password you used to buy the game, even they happen to be the same.

If you have your key, that is the most important part. The key can help us determine who you bought from so we can help you retrieve your username and password for that site. I suggest you e-mail me directly (or PM) and I'll help you regain access to the site you bought from so you can redownload your installer.
Chris Latour
BattleGoat Studios

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