Demo wont start, will this impact me playing the full game?

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Demo wont start, will this impact me playing the full game?

#1 Post by stefblac » Mar 19 2008

i just downloaded the demo and the patch but the game will not start. The screen goes black as if it appears to be loading or changing res but then it just quits to the desktop. My pc seems to meet all specs except for the fact that I have no sound card. If I am not able to get into the demo does this mean I will not be able to get into the full game if I buy it? Any help would be great as I was so looking forward to playing.

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#2 Post by Balthagor » Mar 19 2008

If you don't have a sound card it is likely causing a DirectX error that will crash both the demo and the full version. A sound card is a requirement for the game.
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#3 Post by tkobo » Mar 20 2008

You have NO sound card at all ?
NOT even an integrated one on your motherboard ?
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