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Polish Release of Supreme Ruler 2010

#1 Post by Balthagor » Apr 07 2006

Our distribution partner in Poland, NicholasGames, have now released Supreme Ruler 2010 to that market. Anyone living in Poland should check with their local retailer for availability of the game.

There are however issues that have not been addressed by NicholasGames regarding the release;

- The Polish version includes the original English version as well, however the CD-key provided is only valid for updating a Polish version. The Polish version can be updated (current version in the box is 4.4.6, update 5 will be the first update for this version). The English version that is included cannot be updated. The CD-key will not be valid with an updated English version.

- While both an English and a Polish version are included, they cannot both be installed at the same time. Installing the second language without uninstalling the first language will corrupt the installation and cause both versions to crash. You must uninstall the first language before installing the second language.

- The provided manual is the original manual, not the updated manual to reflect changes in the game. Some things mentioned in the Polish manual, as with the original English manual, have changed since the manual was printed.

- Any references to the manual in the Readme file may be incorrect, as the readme file included is the updated document. It is also only available in English at this time.

- For tech support of the Polish version, contact NicholasGames at http://www.nicolasgames.pl/kontakt.php

We apologize for any inconvenience NicholasGames has created.

[EDIT] Nicholas Games has made a press release about this issue
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#2 Post by Balthagor » Apr 18 2006

Two more issues have been brought to our attention with the Polish version;

- The scenario names have been translated but in Campaign mode, the program still looks for the english name when trying to find the next scenario. You are simply dumped to desktop. This will be fixed in the next update

- Some units intended for the next update have been included but not their pictures. These pictures will be included in the next update. This is causing 6 artillery units at tech 114 to appear as white blocks.
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#3 Post by BigStone » Apr 19 2006

Maybe a improper question... :oops: .. but why did you Goats choose
Poland as the first country for the EU release.....

Wouldn't Germany or France not be a better choice .. ???

And what about the cooperation with - BlackBean- .... :-?
(haven't seen anything about SR at their site....)
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#4 Post by Balthagor » Apr 20 2006

The Polish release was first because Nicholas Games completed the translation first. They also approached Strategy First about Polish distribution before Blackbean was asking about the rest of Europe. (A little more time for us to QA might however have helped us catch some of the documentation issues)

Nicholas Games only has distribution rights in Poland.

Unfortunatly, when it comes to foreign distribution, we have little control of which languages release when. In the industry it is common to sell the rights for a specific region/language. Once the rights are sold, it is up to that new distribution partner to make the translations and decide which languages to release when or at all. We know that Blackbean is still working on more than one language.

As for mention on their site, you'd need to ask them. We did send them the graphics assets they required. In fact, bugging Blackbean from the user end is never a bad thing, it makes them more confident that they've made a good investment and keeps them motivated :)
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#5 Post by Balthagor » Apr 20 2006

Original Readme - Goes with version of the manual included in the Polish box
Strategy First and BattleGoat Studios Present
Supreme Ruler 2010's Readme!

Copyright 1982-2005 BattleGoat Studios
Supreme Ruler 2010 may not be redistributed in whole or in part without the expression written permission of BattleGoat Studios.

System Requirements
- Multiplayer
- Video Cards
- Sound and Audio
How to Contact Technical Support
General Notes
- Our Manual
- Manual Additions and Corrections
- Items Not Mentioned in the Manual
- Positive Patches
- Missions
- Scenario Size vs. Difficulty Level
- Scenario "Designer Notes"
- The World Map - The Most Difficult Scenario
- Future Units
- Map Editor
Epilepsy Warning


To play Supreme Ruler 2010, the following hardware is required:
• Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP
• Pentium II 400MHz (Pentium III 800 Recommended)
• 128MB RAM (256MB RAM Recommended)
• 3D Graphics Card with 8MB Video RAM (32MB AGP Video RAM Recommended)
• DirectX 8.1 or Higher
• DirectX Compatible Sound Card
• 4X CD-ROM Drive


Insert the "Supreme Ruler 2010" CD into your CD-ROM drive. When the Autorun screen appears, click on the "Install" button to start the installer program. If the Auto-run screen does not appear after you insert the CD, you can run the install manually from your CDROM.



== Multiplayer ==

Supreme Ruler 2010 uses Microsoft's DirectPlay for LAN and Internet play.
As with all DirectPlay games, there may be issues with certain firewalls, routers, NATS, and internet security programs.

Internet Firewall programs such as "Zone Alarm" can conflict with many Multi-Player games such as SR2010.
Work-arounds and suggestions are posted on our forum : www.bgforums.com

The Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes an Internet Firewall feature that requires Supreme Ruler 2010 and DirectPlay to be 'Unblocked' and given access to the internet. A popup will appear BEHIND the game when you first try to connect Multiplayer; Alt-TAB (or quit) and select Unblock/Allow, and for future games the MultiPlayer should function properly.

When playing with other players each copy of Supreme Ruler 2010 must be the same version.
Updating to the newest patch by each player will ensure compatibility.

== Video ==
Most video display problems can be corrected by installing the latest reference drivers for your particular video card. Please consult your video card documentation for details on how to get the latest drivers for your card.

If you are using a custom cursor, especially with shadow, it may cause video corruption. We strongly recommend disabling custom cursors while playing Supreme Ruler 2010.

On some S3 chipsets and Intel chipsets there will be graphics glitches.
For S3, these are usually limited to a glitch on the loading map.
For Intel, update your system with the latest video drivers and the problems should be resolved.

Some old video driver versions will provide very poor performance (Intel, nVidia) Update to the latest versions to resolve these issues.

Recent nVidia drivers may cause rainbow pattern of discoloration on fade in and fade out due to bug in nVidia driver; update to latest drivers.

== Sound & Audio ==
Most sound card problems can be corrected by installing the latest drivers for your particular card. Please consult your sound card documentation for details on how to get the latest drivers for your card.

If your system does not play audio tracks or plays them incorrectly (e.g., too fast or too slow) you can try reinstalling Microsoft's Windows Media Player, which is responsible for audio track decompression.


Troubleshooting Tips
Before installing the game, please try the following:

- Close all other applications.
- Verify that your system meets the minimum system requirements.

If you are experiencing difficulties getting the game to run, please try the following:

- Obtain the latest drivers for your video and sound card.
- Obtain the latest version of Direct X at
- Install the latest game patches available at
- Please refer to the readme.txt included on your game cd.
- Run scandisk and defrag your drive.

Before contacting us, please have the following information available:

- Computer brand and processor speed
- System Memory
- Operating System
- The make and model of your video and audio hardware
- Version of Direct X installed on your system.

Contacting Customer Support

For assistance you can reach Strategy First Customer Support staff by:

Phone: (514) 844-2433 – Monday – Friday 9am-5pm EST
Fax: (514) 844-4337 – Attn: Support

For fast and efficient solutions to your technical issues, please use our Web Support Form:

For all other comments or suggestions you may contact us by email at support@strategyfirst.com

technical support is available at:


== Our Manual ==

We are proud of the size and scope of our manual. It details many aspects of running a region of the world in the year 2010 and beyond.
On the back of the manual you will find several hotkeys available to use with the game. More hotkeys can be found in game by pressing F1.

== Manual Additions and Corrections ==
Many changes made to the manual were last minute decisions to correct or improve features in Supreme Ruler 2010. You will also find some features described that didn’t make the final cut that are detailed in the manual. For these features a button may be hidden or a whole section may be inaccessible. Please see our section on positive patches to learn how you can access these features in future updates as they are incorporated into the game and are made available for download. Now we will detail some of the changes from the game to the manual.

Page 21, DIPLOMACY, World Market Diplomacy
--> Future Feature: World Market Votes

Page 43, LAND TAB: Panel Three: Access Map Filters
--> Added filters: Close Combat Areas, Terrain Defensive Bonus
--> Future feature: Munitions Load – not available. When available in a future patch this filter will allow you to quickly see units that are carrying NBC missiles.

Page 47, LAND TAB: Examine Units
--> Future Features: Re-Arm, Upgrade, Chemical sections are specific unit features and are future features.

Page 58, Rules of Engagement, Second Panel buttons:
--> Future Features:
“Allow Chemical Weaponry” – Chemical Launched missiles are not currently supported so on/off switch is a hidden feature.
“ICBM Silo Loss Autofire” – this does not happen this on/off switch was hidden.
“Mutual War Declaration” – this was originally offered as a choice but instead Mutual War Declaration always happens.

Page 58, Permitted Unit Pathing
“World Market Land Territory” – this pathing option was intended to let you allow your troops to enter World Market Territory. Instead World Market Land and Air pathing (over land) is not allowed while pathing of naval ships and Air units over water is allowed by default.

Pages 59-60, Scorched Earth
--> Added Options: The picture on page 60 has 16 upgrade types. We have expanded this to 20 types of upgrades.

Page 68, Unit Popup Screen:
--> Future features: Training Options, Unit Refit

Page 81, Military Spending: The manual currently reads: "Also, increasing the spending on Salaries above the recommended level will
result in greater numbers of volunteers and conscripts becoming available as new recruits."
--> Added note: Spending more on your military salaries also increases deployed units efficiency rating.

Page 82, STATE DEPARTMENT TAB, World Market Relations
--> Feature change: The manual currently states that without World Market membership you will see higher commodity prices. Instead when you are not a WM member you will not be able to trade commodities with the World Market at all. So be careful to watch your WM rating and try not to lose your membership status unless you have a balanced economy.
Note: When reading later about the new ‘Causus Belli Bar feature’ keep World Market membership in mind…I.E. The world market does not like regions going to war unless they have provocation to do so.

Page 85, STATE DEPARTMENT TAB, Regional Diplomacy:
--> Added feature: In a Multiplayer Game, In panel one you will see an icon appear next to each human player’s region name. This icon includes a player in the custom chat feature. This allows you to selectively choose players to receive your chat messages. This is the same as the check box in panel two but made accessible from panel one.

Page 85, STATE DEPARTMENT TAB, Regional Diplomacy:
--> Future features: Path around is intended to force units to avoid this region. Ignore offers from will prevent another region from sending you diplomatic offers – your email box automatically deletes the offer.

Page 112, 113, Research Project Popup:
--> Future feature: Next and Previous buttons are hidden.

Page 118,119, UNIT ORDERS, More Complicated Orders:
--> Future feature: Artillery Units, Right Click Bombard will become a future feature.

Page 120, UNIT ORDERS, Selected Unit Information Panel
--> Future feature: Panel 1, Button 2: Training Options.

Page 121, UNIT ORDERS, Advanced Orders:
--> Future features: Take transports, move in formation and scheduled events are destined for a future update.

Page 121, UNIT ORDERS, Mission Options:
--> Future features: Attacking (Offensive) and Defensive Options are another set of features to look for in a future “positive patch”.

Page 125, APPENDIX A, Treaties Hint: Mutual Defense.
--> Feature change: You are actually not required to honor your Mutual Defense agreement, and a War Declaration on the instigator is not automatic.
The World Market and other regions' opinion of your region could dramatically decrease if you don't honor your commitment. On the other hand, honoring your commitment and declaring war could also hurt the opinion others have of you. Check your “Belli Bar” to see if war seems justifiable. You will be sent an email where you will be asked to make a decision to confirm or deny support.

Page 138, APPENDIX C, Military Facilities: It is noted that engineers can be used to build Air Strips and Sea Piers in unsupplied territory. This is true.
--> Added feature: Engineers can also be used to speed construction or scrapping of upgrades on a map. This includes production facilities, military bases and bridges.

--> Feature limit removed: The limits detailed in this section no longer apply for land, air and naval units that you want to put into reserve.
There are other limiting factors in the game to keep things in balance. For example, you can reserve many units in a Military Outpost and very few in a Large Military Base
but keep in mind that the Large Base has a better defense and will limit possible damage to units in reserve if attacked by enemy units.
Added Note: Missile reserve limits still apply as noted in the manual.

Page 140, APPENDIX C, Attacking and Capturing Bases:
--> The rule here has been modified. If you are attacking a base and it is captured by your troops you will not capture any units in the base that did not get deployed. They are immediately scrapped.

Page 150, NBC Weaponry
--> Future features: Chemical Weapons and Biological Weapons

Page 151, SATELLITES, Reconnaissance Satellites:
--> Correction: The manual mentions that Recon Satellites can virtually eliminate the Fog of War. This is incorrect. Instead, you will start to see low stealth units appear
through the Fog of War anywhere on the map. High stealth, (especially stationary units) will not become visible.

Scheduling Attacks (Page 54, 55) / Intelligence Operations (Page 56-58 ) / World Market Votes (Page 82,84) / World Market Treaties (Page 83)

Although there are mentions of these features throughout the manual, there were implementation issues that could not be resolved to our satisfaction.
Rather than include any feature that was not functioning perfectly or did not add to gameplay, these were temporarily removed from the interface and
will be made available via update patch when all issues are resolved.

== Items Not Mentioned in the Manual ==

(In this section we will outline a few important things that did not make it into the manual that we feel you should know about.)

--> New Feature: Belli Bar. This is a very important addition to Supreme Ruler 2010. This bar found in the Diplomacy Department next to each region's name is used as an indicator to justify going to war against this region. This bar will fluctuate during a game as other regions interact. One way a belli bar will change is when a region attacks your ally. The belli bar for the attacking region will go up giving you a greater cause to go to war with the region who just attacked your ally. When attacking any region you may see World Market sanctions or some Domestic Approval Rating (DAR) effects. The effect will be greater when your cause for war or belli bar rating is low, when you attack another region. Be careful declaring war against a region without a high belli bar rating. The consequences may be great. At times you will not see the belli bar. Instead you will see a green dot for a region you are allied with and a red dot for a region you are already at war with. Note: This bar does NOT tell you the chance of victory against another region if you go to war.

--> Victory Conditions: In Detail
There are several possible victory conditions.

In our current SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN MODE there are two kinds of victory conditions that we use.
1) Unification Vote: If the map is set to have a unification vote you will see note of this in several places:
The Scenario Introduction Screen, in-game emails, in the diplomacy department's World Market section.

2) Total Victory: This type of victory will require you to capture all land from all opponents. Capturing all cities from an opponent will cause the rest of the land to change ownership to your region at day end. Any region that surrenders will have the ownership change immediately.

In SCENARIO and MULTIPLAYER games you can set several victory conditions in the game lobby.
1) Unification Vote - same as discussed above
2) Total Victory - same as discussed above
3) Total Score - total score of the next 5 score types.
4) Diplomatic Score
5) Economic Score
6) Technology Score
7) Approval Score
8 ) Military Score
9) Capture the Hex. One hex per scenario will be available for capture.
If a player in a multiplayer game is assigned the region with the hex they will not be able to win.
Their goal is to defend their territory and the hex.
10) Time Limit
11) Kill the Command Unit. A military unit, called the Command Unit will be created in each region. The first player to kill another region command unit wins.
12) Capture the Capital. The first player to take another region's capital wins.
13) Resolve a winner - In a multiplayer game the host can determine to resolve a winner at anytime based on overall score by activating the correct button in the News and Information section, inside a game.

== Positive Patches ==

Although it is commonplace in PC Games that patches are required to fix major bugs at release, we have taken every step possible to ensure that this will not be the case with Supreme Ruler 2010. Instead our patches are intended as upgrades to add new Maps and Missions, add to the available military equipment, further improve our already challenging computer AI and of course add even more game features. Please be sure to check regularly for updates!

== Missions ==

In addition to the campaigns and scenarios, many single player "missions" have also been included with the game to give the player a specific goal. Some of these missions include a matching PDF walkthrough on the CD to give the player a tutorial like benefit. The missions that include PDF documents concentrate on specific aspects of the game... Paris Attacks concentrates on the military features of the game and People's Choice deals with the Domestic Approval issues in the game and the presence of regional elections and re-unification votes in Supreme Ruler 2010. Look for more missions in future patches.

It is strongly recommended that beginners try these missions before attempting a Campaign so that they are familiar with all the issues that will arise as they try to lead their region to the point where they can become "Supreme Ruler".

== Scenario Size vs. Difficulty Level ==

The more regions there are in any scenario and the bigger the map, the longer the time required to play that scenario and generally the increased difficulty of winning. Any of the scenarios involving a battle for a continent are particularly involved and can take hours of gameplay to complete. For a one to two hour challenge, the smaller US Maps, Mexico, Japan, and Central America are the best choices. For gaming marathons, attempt any of the continental maps, particularly the 31 player Europe or of course the World Map!

== Scenario "Designer Notes" ==

Some of the more complex scenarios within the game have "Designer Notes" available that will discuss any distinct challenges of that map.
These notes can be accessed (if available) on the same screen that contains the detailed story-line of a region.

== The World Map - The Most Difficult Scenario ==

Not only do the larger maps take longer to complete, the economies of the bigger regions can be more complex and in no scenario is this more the case than the World Map. In the World Map, the World Market is no longer involved as an "outside" force. The economy at this level is now a closed system without any outside guardian angel to ensure the availability of every commodity. As well, the drastic differences between the wealth (as measured by the GDP/c) of the regions will provide the poorer regions with some distinct trade advantages.

== The Map Editor ==

The Map Editor and its documentation will be made available as a free upgrade (through the Update Option on the Launch Screen) to all purchasers of the game.

== Our Websites ==
Make sure you visit http://www.supremeruler2010.com to learn more about Supreme Ruler 2010.
Visit our forums at http://www.bgforums.com to discuss SR2010 with other forum visitors.



Certain individuals may experience epileptic seizures or loss
of consciousness when subjected to strong, flashing lights
for long periods of time. Such individuals may therefore
experience a seizure while operating computer or video games.
This can also affect individuals who have no prior medical
record of epilepsy or have never previously experienced a
If you or any family member has ever experienced epilepsy
symptoms (seizures or loss of consciousness) after exposure to
flashing lights, please consult your doctor before playing
this game.
Parental guidance is always suggested when children are using
computer and video games. Should you or your child experience
dizziness, poor eyesight, eye or muscle twitching, loss of
consciousness, feelings of disorientation or any type of
involuntary movements or cramps while playing this game,

-Do not sit too close to the monitor. Sit as far as
comfortably possible.
-Use as small a monitor as possible.
-Do not play when tired or short on sleep.
-Take care that there is sufficient lighting in the room.
-Be sure to take a break of 10-15 minutes every hour.

== FAQ Section ==

Why does the ammo capacity of some of my units change from time to time?
A: Missiles on board a unit may reduce the amount of regular ammo that can be carried by the unit. Remove some missiles and the ammo capacity will return to full value. This especially happens for MLRS Artillery Units and Sub Units.

How do changing the difficulty setting change the way I can play SR2010?
A: Playing at a higher difficulty level will prevent you from inheriting new technology from regions when you progress in a campaign.
A: Higher difficulty will reduce production efficiency and military efficiency, reduce World Market subsidy values and have a slower-reacting “Zone AI”.

How are units affected when splitting or merging battalion sizes?
A: Training specialties and special bonuses only stay with the “commander” of the battalion, meaning that a split-off unit will not get these benefits and a merged unit may loose them.

At what strength level will a unit die?
A: When a unit’s strength falls below 2 or 20% the result is death or destruction. For example, a 20% strength naval vessel sinks below 20%.

Why do some programs “shine” over top of Supreme Ruler 2010 while I’m playing?
A: This can happen at times based on the operation system you are using and the programs that are running behind Supreme Ruler 2010. We recommend closing all other Windows Applications and then starting a game. At times these programs may even take control of the window space and prevent anything from happening in the game. If this does happen try holding down ALT + TAB until you can regain control.

I’ve been playing a multiplayer game that I want to continue at a later date with the same people. How can I do this?
A: Restoring a Multi-Player game currently requires having the exact same file on all systems. One player will need to send their copy to all other users and then placed in the Savegame folder. If you have manually changed the location or name of the default Savegame folder in game settings be sure to use this new folder. Saved games can be zipped/compressed to save the size of the file you are sending and then unzipped into the folder.

Is there a limit to the number of bases I can build?
A: No. There is an increasing maintenance cost as your overall build capacity grows. This is set in place to deter building large numbers of bases and to simulate added production costs of having a large network of military facilities.

Why can’t I diplomatically trade electricity with another region?
A: Electricity is not an item that can be stocked so its sale or purchase must be monitored by the World Market.

Why can’t I buy electricity from the World Market in some maps?
A: Some maps are considered closed from trades with the World Market. An example map is South America. This adds a greater level of challenge when you can’t trade with the world market. Due to the oceans that almost completely surround the continent electricity sales are not available.

Why do I have raw material shortages for a day when I produce more than my people demand?
A: Here is an example of what could happen. You have electricity problems because you are short of petroleum. One reason could be a bulk sale of all of your petroleum stock that left your production facilities without the needed petrol for a day. Just remember to not sell all of your stock each day.
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#6 Post by Balthagor » May 03 2006

The readme has now been translated into Polish
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#7 Post by Andrzej » May 05 2006

I've got some questions about Nicolas release:

a) Was it intended that CD-key won't allow English version to updated ?
b) Will it be possibile to download the updated English manual be from Your page ?

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#8 Post by Balthagor » May 05 2006

a) You would need to ask Nicholas Games about this, they did not tell us they would include an english version as well.

b)no, we do not make the english manual available, but the updated version just removes the things mentioned in the readme. If you have the correct readme, there is effectively no difference.
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#9 Post by George Geczy » Jan 25 2008

Update (January 25/2008)

Two items have been brought to our attention - first, that Nicolas Games is still selling and advertising the game as a 'Dual Language' version, and second, that the press release and correction notice that they published last year (referenced above) regarding their mistake is no longer on their web site.

As I recently pointed out in correspondence with a Polish version customer, please note:

1) Nicolas Games was never given the rights by us to produce and English version, only a Polish version. As such, they not only were not given a correct original English master copy, but we also couldn't prevent them from encountering the fact that multiple languages cannot be installed together.

2) Nicolas Games did post a 'correction' and explanation on their website at one point, however the link no longer functions.

3) Though we have tried, we are unable to prevent Nicolas Games from falsely advertising the dual language version, or from continuing to sell copies that include it. Nicolas Games has not responded to our past attempts to contact them directly. They also released the game for inclusion in a Polish Gaming magazine, again without our permission or without compensation to us.

Our contractual obligation to Nicolas Games was to provide a Polish language version for them, and we have ensured that the PL version can be updated to the latest upgrade/patches.

Not reading Polish I am obviously not aware of how good or bad their translation is, but functionally the updated Polish version is identical to the updated English version.

-- George.

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Re: Polish Release of Supreme Ruler 2010

#10 Post by ryanrev » Jul 11 2008

Hi I had bought the game from eBay from Poland because the game said it was NTSC format so it would work on North American computers also it is in English not just Polish. However when I try to update the game by reentering the CD key it doesn't work.

EDIT: Oh I see the CD key included can only update the Polish version. What would you guys suggest be done to fix this for people not from Poland who bought the "dual language version"? :lol:

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Re: Polish Release of Supreme Ruler 2010

#11 Post by Balthagor » Jul 11 2008

Unfortunately, the Polish publisher never came through with a solution to this...
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#12 Post by Matrix33 » Sep 15 2008

George Geczy wrote:Update (January 25/2008)

Not reading Polish I am obviously not aware of how good or bad their translation is,
The translation is terrible. Terrible.

Too pity, somehow I like some aspects of SR2010 better than SR2020.

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