Can't load any saved game

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Can't load any saved game

#1 Post by FuriosoCorp » Aug 28 2009

Hello everyone.

I have something we may call a « little » problem. In fact, I can’t load any of my saved games.

Here is what happen :

- I start a new game, I play it, and I save regularly.
- Then I have to quit my game. 3 AM, time to sleep…
- After a good sleepy night, I (try) to come back to my saved game. And here is the problem.

When I go to the “load game” panel, I can see all my saved games. No one is missing. Good point…

Bad point, when I select one and try to load it literally nothing happens. Actually, yes, something happen:

When I try too hard to load one particular saved game, the screen freeze, and I have to use the Good Old “Ctrl-Alt-Suppr” move to get back things in order.

My question is:

Does someone know how to fix this problem? ‘Cause in fact I can’t play to the game in this condition. Lucky me…

Technical information:

Windows XP Pro
Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz
NVidia GeForce 7600 GT
3 gigabytes of RAM
More than 1 gigabytes of empty space left on the Drive were the game is installed

Game information:

French Box Edition, bought at 5€ in a French store.
Game in English.
Contain a full 120 page game manual (translated in French) with the CD key on the back.
Updated to version 4.6.1.
I can play without the CD but the problem remains when I play with it.

PS : Sorry for my bad English, I’m French (frogs are not welcome in my dish - but snails are).

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Re: Can't load any saved game

#2 Post by Balthagor » Aug 28 2009


Pourriez-vous m'envoyer la fiche que vous essayez de charger? Je l'essayerais sur notre system. Que nous savions, il n'exist aucun bugs de chargement du jeu. Avez-vous essayer de réinstaller le jeu?

Il existe une traduction indépendente de Supreme Ruler 2010 au cas ou sa vous intéresse; ... lation_Mod

Il y a aussi un forum francais que nous utilisons mais ils n'ont qu'une sections SR2020 à présent. ... wforum=257

Mes excuse la ou ma grammaire et mon orthographe sont faibles, bienvenu au forum.
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