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Way Cool

#16 Post by Eric Larsen » May 22 2006

joecool250 wrote:yeah i got it to work, i combined NA and SA, then europe, middle east, russia, and africa, then grouped south east asia, oceania, india/pakistan. yes it worked, and you take control of everything when you group.
I saw how groupings worked by looking at the Canada scenario. It indeed unifies smaller regions into bigger ones. Your variant sounds fun. I hope BG will do some variants of the world scenario like what you and I suggested just to have some more variety on the world scene. I'm hoping to make just two regions, the Americas versus the rest of the world under Europe. It would make one awesome region for the AI to control and both regions would be fairly close in research progress to start. Too bad the AI wouldn't get rid of the crappy units since it would have one massive army.

Now I'm wondering if one could group all the regions into one just to play a game to see the research and to see how awesome one could make a unified world economy.

Eric Larsen

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