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Posted: Apr 16 2004
by tkobo
Can they be stored like tanks or aircraft can in the game ?

If they can, where ?

AND can they be destroyed there ?

Posted: Apr 16 2004
by Empier4552
Yeah sure i do it all the time in seaports you can put them in reserves same idea as with regular bases also appies to aircraft

Posted: Apr 16 2004
by red
Uncheck 'Autodeploy'.

Posted: Apr 17 2004
by George Geczy
As far as the 'realism' concept goes, it is not unusual for ships to be on reserve status in berths or dry-docks. While in reserve in the game, they cannot be targetted directly for attack, but they will suffer some damage if the port itself is attacked.

This can be argued either way, but generally if a ship is in reserve in a modern port it is reasonable to consider it better protected and harder to isolate than if it was out in the open.

BTW, currently 'reserve units take damage' when the base/port is hit is not, I think, implemented yet.

-- George.

Posted: Apr 17 2004
by OXA
As for realism this sounds resonable. I have little experience with docks and ships but as for airports and military airplanes I know that (atleast in sweden) Airplanes in reserve is well protected in underground bunkers at the airports. They would be fairly hard to damage basicly requiring you to destroy the whole airport to get to them.