Is there a quick way to sell off obsolete units?

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super ruler
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Is there a quick way to sell off obsolete units?

#1 Post by super ruler » Mar 16 2008

Just wondering if there was some kind of automatic function I can use to say sell off all the old crap in the military arsenal so I can build newer modern ones. For example if I have 100 units of Tank X that was designed in 1958 and I want to sell them all off to build a newer 1989 Tank Y is there some method or button that can sell off all 100 units of Tank X instead of manually clicking every single unit and clicking the sell button? And why is it I have to have the unit go into reserve to sell it off? I can only scrap it when its deployed?

The Khan
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#2 Post by The Khan » Mar 16 2008

Click on an old tank, select "Choose all units of this type"

Open advanced choices somewhere, there should be "sell" order.

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#3 Post by Lightbringer » Mar 16 2008

As khan said, click the "all units of this type", then right click on a base and choose "sell" from the "advanced" options. They will auto-sell as they reach the base.

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