Attack facility order stupid arty.

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Attack facility order stupid arty.

#1 Post by SGTscuba » Feb 01 2008

Ok I was seiging this base ( as u do) when I destroyed all the units gaurding it, however i would not directly attack it because it had lots of units inside it that would decimate me and I didn't have enough planes as i couldn't afford them. the base was in range, my atry was given orders to bombard facility and it was destroyed reasonably quickly, however once they did this the arty rushed forwards to go to where the base was, and AI planes pounced. I lost lots of arty, valuable arty.

Is there anything i need to do before i issue the order to make it stay where it is once i give it the order to bombard? do i have to entrench them then issue it?

Please help, this issue has happened to me several million times. :evil:

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#2 Post by Lightbringer » Feb 01 2008

I do not think they ever fixed the problem of Arty charging in for close combat when given a specific attack command. Tkobo uses missiles and air units for base killing. What I might do would be to send in something cheap (light infantry etc.) and draw out the enemy units, letting my arty chew them up without specific orders which cause them to charge.

Sorry I can't help more than that.


(Edit: 2020 is supposed to have that problem with Arty fixed. A specific "bombard" command that does not involve suicidal close combat attacks)
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#3 Post by tkobo » Feb 01 2008

The entrench order will override the attack order,replacing it,and forcing the unit to repick a target.So normally this wont work with art and buildings,as unless theres an enemy unit seen in the building a unit wont attack a building.

BUT there is something ive never tried that you might want to give a look.

IF i remember correctly ,you can set your units to fire at buildings in the RoE settings,targets of oppurtunity section i think,go in and make sure buildings are selected also.
That might allow the art to pick a building on its own.

Which will probably allow you to use the entrench order to keep the art changing targets TIL it picks the building you want.

Now agian, ive never tried it.Its something that stuck in my mind that i never got around to testing.
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