Unit suggestion - Atlas Oryx

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Unit suggestion - Atlas Oryx

#1 Post by Jan » May 27 2007

the Oryx is teh south african version of the french Puma, it offer better performances (it's faster, have a longer range and can carry an heavier load) and lower operating cost by about 30%.

it may be a good introduction given that it's an economic alternative for an high performance support helo, mostly for SAF but also for south american and asian countries.


from "Jane's Helicopter Markets and Systems 2002"
Denel (Atlas/Aerospatiale) Oryx

Type Combat helicopter upgrade.
Versions Oryx (previously known as Gemsbok): SA 330 airframe refitted with Makila power plant, uprated transmission similar to that of Rooivalk, cockpit displays redesigned for single pilot operation, ventra fin and tailplane of AS 532 Cougar, plus nose radome; programme started 1984; entered service from 1988 as replacement for South African Air Force SA 321 Super Frelons.

Gunship: Four Atlas proposals offered as possible quick-change, lower-cost alternative to Rooivalk some of which already evaluated by South African Air Force. Strap-on beams aft of cabin sliding doo each with two pylons and wingtip missile rail; Atlas armoured seats; still able to transport 12 troops;

Grinaker Avitronics integrated airborne communications system.

Option 1: With Kentron TC-20 vent gun turret and helmet sight.
Option 2: With four launchers for 68 mm rockets for area suppression.
Option 3: As Option 2, but Kentron nose-mounted HSOS (Helicopter Stabilised Optronic Sight) adde
Option 4: Full anti-tank version with ZT-3 Swift laser-guided missiles.


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