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Posted: Mar 06 2004
by Slash78

When I was looking at other press releases from United Defense I found this one. Looks interesting. I think this is related to the FCS-NLOS program.

Posted: Mar 07 2004
by Slash78

This article isn't about the 105mm cannon, but the 155mm NLOS-C that I dubbed 'Excalibur', mainly after the rounds it is to fire. From the article it sounds like the NLOS-155 Excalibur (again, my designation) will be on a tracked chassis instead of a wheeled one.

Also, I would like to point out in the Article about the 105mm cannon, they have it pictured on a chassic that looks very much like the Stryker chassic. Could this be the "Stryker NLOS-105" (my designation)? With a range of 30 km it would have better range then the M198 155mm guns that are supporting the Stryker Brigades now. Though it would lack the hitting power. I'll do some more investigating.

Posted: Mar 10 2004
by Balthagor
I've made notes on this one as well. I want to look into some of the technologies behind this and add them to the tech tree as prerequisites for these types of units.