Commanche Program Cancelled

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Post by Slash78 »

That or Kelogg, Brown & Root, the wholy owned subsidiary of Halliburton, replaced the Hulk with a CGI Osama and showed those scenes to the Commander-n-Chief.

We all know only factual information comes through the Vice President's office. :razz:

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Post by Juergen »

"when it was designed to face Soviet air defense systems"

And this is something that is well within the scale of Supreme Ruler 2010.
Actually,on the world map a war between Russia and the US is something that might happen.

I agree with Balthagor that what happened in Iraq doesnt tell much about the helicopter value.

Sure,against some militia grade troops with some RPGs the Commanche is just as vulnrable as any other helicopter,these guys just dont believe in stealth so they can see it.

Radar absorbent materials dont save the helicopter from eyeballs.
However its improved agility might help against slow flying RPGs.

Against sophisticated SAMs with radar and infrafred as their primary sensors however the Commanche would be far better off.

The scenario that Balthagor described sounds realistic to me.

BTW helicopters are most vulnerable against aircraft.
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