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Posted: Feb 05 2004
by Hellfish6
I think these kinds of ships were already added into SR2010, but I don't recall having seen them for sure yet.
SEA TRANSPORT: Commando Container Ship Conversion

February 4, 2004: The US Navy, encouraged by SOCOM (Special Operations Command), is studying the idea of modifying a container ship for use as a "sea-basing" platform for Special Forces units. Twice in the past ten years, Haiti in 1996 and Afghanistan in 2001, the Navy has stripped an aircraft carrier of most of its air wing and replaced it with Army or Special Operations helicopters. While this tactic shows a tremendous flexibility for the traditionally rigid Navy, in many ways, it squanders a valuable and limited asset: the Navy's carriers and their busy crews.

The proposed solution is to buy, or more likely lease, a container ship and paint it gray. The hull would be fitted out as crew quarters, (similar to those used by oil platform crews) for up to 800 special operators and 200 support troops. A command post, medical and recreation facilities, a hardened armory for soldiers' weapons, ammunition and explosives, and so forth, would all be built into standard modular containers. Because the ships' power generating capacity was originally designed to support the high demand of refrigerated cargo, they should have no trouble providing ample power in their new role.

In its new configuration, the deck would be covered with one level of modular containers that would bolt together to serve as a helicopter hangar and flight deck with two elevators. It would be able to simultaneously launch a dozen MC-47E Chinook-sized helicopters and carry 1 million gallons of aviation fuel. Options include V-22 Osprey variants, Harrier or STOVL F-35 fighters, and up to half a dozen 40-foot rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIB).

The concept has several great advantages over traditional approaches. Commercial vessels, even ones the size of aircraft carriers, typically require crews that number in the dozens, rather than thousands. A large container ship could be operated by as few as 20 sailors, compared to 1,100 on an LHD or 3,200 on a Nimitz-class carrier. It would also be easier to upgrade, as the modules could be removed and replaced independently.

The plan is for the Military Sealift Command to own and operate these ships with civilian crews. If the concept works, the Navy might keep one or two configured at all times and have a reserve of containers on land for MSC-owned ships leased to commercial users.

This flexible concept opens up a range of other missions for such containerized cargo carriers, including replacing the current aging underway replenishment fleet, the Navy’s two hospital ships, and the Afloat Pre-positioning Ships parked at various locations around the world. Five vessels of this type can be acquired at the cost of one LPD-17 and they can be available, converted, from the Maersk shipping company within one year of the decision to go ahead
So basically they're saying that the US Navy (or any other navy in the world, actually) has the capability to convert container ships into VTOL carriers, amphibious assault ships or even full-fledged aircraft carriers. The Royal Navy did this in the Falklands War, converting two container ships to carry helos and Harriers.

Posted: Feb 05 2004
by prime_642
i'm surprised the article said nothing about Comanche Helicopters, they are the latest in helicopters. And frequently, they'll be needed to support Special opps. By the way, what special forces will be on this rig? Green Berets? Rangers? Seals? Delta Force?

Posted: Feb 06 2004
by Hellfish6
Commanches haven't been fielded yet. And probably won't be until 2008-2010. Commanches probably won't be part of SOCOM either. Currently, MV/CV-22 Ospreys, and HH/MH-53, -47, -60, and -6 series helicopters are the only ones used by SpecOps on a regular basis. Normal Army aviation units don't often support SOCOM.

As this is a SOCOM initiative for the US Navy, all SF operators will work off this ship. Today, Rangers, SF, Force Recon, SEALs and PJs all work together all the time.

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Posted: Feb 21 2004
by Zalen
I was just curious, I've read of the Spec Forces Forum, and I keep turning over something in my mind. The 'Cutting Edge' look or feel of some of the Infantry units could possibly be helped by different weapons? Or at least special forces. Not so much a 'new unit', but a different weapon to feature the Infantry holding. You may remember such things as the radar in the corner of your screen on games like Alien Vs. Predator, Command and Conquer: Renegade, and many other First Person Shooters, while this game certainly isn't a first person shooter, technology has gotten to that level. The US Army's 'Land Warrior system's development is scheduled to be released officially by 2006 and filtered into Regular units after that. The Land Warrior system features full body armor, a computer running whta I think is WinXP, with a screen on the wrist and a special-made small computer, featuring GPS and real time Encrypted Data Communication with other soldiers using the Land Warrior System. This enables real life soldiers to move and act with the advantage of real time imagery and even a little screen that somewhat resembles what we've gotten so used to seeing in our video games. This right here is an eye-opener to boot ( ... rint.phtml), the OICWS is made not just specifically to work with Special Land Warrior units (It can interface with a computer), but also is expected to be given to soldiers in regular units to 'beef them up' so to speak. The OICWS has shown itself to be 6 times more affective than the M16A2 and M-203 Grenade Launcher. It is a Dual-Barrel Weapon, with the Grenade Launcher attached on top of the Rifle Stock and integrated into the FCS (That's right, an INFANTRY weapon with a Fire Control System). The OICWS is already near completion, and would certainly be developed by 2010...Would it be possible to implement this, if just to make Spec-Ops or Regular Infantry have another option (be more diversified maybe?).

Posted: Feb 21 2004
by Balthagor
These types of things are usually taken as military technologies that, when researched, would increase the soft/close attack values of infantry units.

The land warrior is actually treated seperately as an entire unit. The idea being an entire battalion fully fitted with all associated gear. Perhaps I'll review that again to see if it should be better as just a technology.

... I can't resist; If they use a Microsoft product, does that mean we'll hear of problems in the field because of a blue screen of death?

Posted: Feb 22 2004
by Hellfish6
IIRC, the OICW was cancelled. It was deemed to heavy. The Army is adopting the seperate components, though - two brigades are getting the new M-8 assault rifle soon, and the grenade launcher will be mounted on vehicles, theoretically replacing the Mk19.

Posted: Feb 22 2004
by tkobo
heheheh,dont forget the xm-29.Which imho looks to be a really sweet weapon.

Posted: Feb 23 2004
by Slash78
Force Recon isn't part of SOCOM