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Navy & fuel

Posted: May 23 2006
by shaolt2002
In the world map, I have sent a destroyer from South Africa to India but it ran out of fuel about 1/3 between since it was taking a direct path.... Is that to be expected? I would understand that going from port to port would allow time to refuel, but I wouldn't expect a destroyer to run out of fuel like that.

Posted: May 23 2006
by Balthagor
If you go to the unit's popup it will show you the travel distance in km that the ship can go before it runs out of fuen (if you see bars, click the bars to show numbers). Many destroyers don't have enough fuel to cross large oceans. Most can travel 8000-10000km before needing more fuel. If you move any ship with cargo next to it, it will be refueled by that ship and get underway again.