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Post by FastBoy101 »

I wondered: is the kind of weapons like napalm and these ugliness included in "chemical weapons"? Basically, is napalm and unconventional weapons included in the game?

Sorry, I have a problem: I read everything but I still don't know everything that's in the game or not...
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Post by Hellfish6 »

Napalm isn't considered a chemical weapon, or at least it isn't in the US. We still use it all the time. It's not modelled exactly in game, but it is factored in to a unit's ground attack capability. Individual missiles may be carried and launched by aircraft, but individual bombs do not get modelled like that.

As for unconventional weapons, nukes are in-game, but they aren't implemented yet. I don't know about Chem and Bio weapons.
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Post by Juergen »

Bio and chemical weapons are very likely to be in (read the "Cutting Room floor" thread,last page).

In fact there is (or at least was planned) another unconventional weapon in the game:

Im not certain how this weapon is going to handled.
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Post by Balthagor »

Isn't the MOAB just a very large conventional bomb?

As for Chem and Bio stuff, they will be in but Bio won't be used by units. That will go into the operations sections with Covert Ops.
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Post by prime_642 »

The MOAB or Massive Ordinence Disposal Bomb is a bomb that is more powerful than a fission nuclear bomb. The small fission bombs, that is. However since it's not nuclear, no cleanup, no radiation. There also should be low political effects, as it is non-nuclear. If you wish to implement the feature, I suggest you have a civilian enemy morale decrease equal to a nuclear bomb, no domestic penalty, and the political effect of a non-nuclear strategic bombing campaign, ala vietnam.

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