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Posted: Jan 23 2004
by FastBoy101
I always remember about the Civilization units that you see from afar. Even if they are in the jungle, you know exactly where they are. Is there a probability (depending on some factors) that some enemy units just don't show to you, or disapear from your sight, like special forces in the wood?

Ok, we all agree it's not going to be easy to hide a bunch of ships, but it does have some effects on certain units.

Posted: Jan 23 2004
by Hellfish6
Yes, fog of war is implemented.

Posted: Jan 24 2004
by FastBoy101
Like in other games or also "tanks hidden from radars", "infantry unseen in the forrest", "stealth plane unseen in the night" and so on?

Posted: Jan 25 2004
by Balthagor
I actually found one! See the entire thread here; ... tart=15&27

(topic: "I can see for miles and miles" in Military in case the link doesn't work.)

Posted: Apr 24 2004
by iamnick
is the f-22 raptor in the game, if so will it be realistic. will it be stealthy?

Posted: Apr 25 2004
by Balthagor
Yes it's in the game, get up to tech 105 (?) in a US region you can research it and let us know if it's realistic. We've not had any feedback. It has been given "stealth" statistics.