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Posted: Jan 08 2004
by Balthagor
I understand it is an APC design they never put into service but exported to Mexico and UAE. I'm trying to get it's details ir figure out what unit would be similar to pass off as a substitute.

Posted: Jan 09 2004
by tkobo
Never heard of it ,but there seems to be plenty on the net about it. ... d_apcs.htm

Posted: Jan 09 2004
by Balthagor
Actually, there isn't. The link you provided was almost the only link I found and that website has to be taken with a critical eye as it is stats for the RPG called Twilight 2000 so may have some fictional data. I was hoping to find something more official.

Posted: Jan 09 2004
by tkobo
oops- sorry i didnt take the time to look past the fact that it listed a fairly complete stat section :sad:

I hate work !
Ummm, how about a chinese page-lots of info but youll need the page translated :razz:

hehheheheheeh.Okay okay.
How about this one ? ... 8%26sa%3DN

I mean heck, its not like I NEED sleep or anything :razz:

Posted: Jan 09 2004
by Balthagor
Why should you get what we don't :wink:

Anyone object if I just use the M113A1 in it's place?

Going once... twice...

Posted: Jan 11 2004
by tkobo
wow,wouldnt that be an interesting concept ?

Want some features in a game that they devs arent sure of ,auction spots off :smile:

Each spot = 1 feature
Each winning bidder gets to fill one slot with one feature /winning bid.

I bet some "person" with far too much money would bid.

If your having trouble translating that chinese page- this will work :smile: ... lator.html

On the other hand, I will shed not a single tear should you substitute .
:smile: :smile: :smile:

Posted: Jan 11 2004
by Empier4552
Well HWK-11..i dunno its got less range a small gun and can hold one less person id be apt to making it its own unit thats cheaper and faster in build time vs the M113, what does interest me are the other variants Such as the HWK-10 Anti tank trolly, HWK-14 Mortar, and HWK13 Recon...

Posted: Jan 14 2004
by George Geczy
A German APC, exported to Mexico, but we can only get information on it from China?

What a strange world we live in :roll:

-- George.

Posted: Jan 15 2004
by Balthagor
We'll see if this unit gets in or not...

Lots to do already.