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Posted: Sep 09 2002
by Balthagor
sure, got a link or some info?

Posted: Sep 10 2002
by XeroMan

Both of those are from the official navy site.
Very large in size to be considered a frigate, these potent warships are the largest and most powerful in Canada's arsenal.
Initially found to be somewhat noisy at higher speeds this is being rectified in the later ships and will probably be fixed in the older ones as well.

Posted: Jan 07 2004
by tkobo
Okay, i just caught part of a show on tech advances that focused on naval stealth.
I didnt see the whole show and dont even know what show it was ,as i only caught about 10 minutes during a lull .

Two things that that I did catch that were interesting were that the British navy has a new stealth tech that uses a wall of water generated by pumps to block radar ,making an already stealthy designed destroyer almost impossible to spot as it appears to be nothing more that the sea/ ocean itself.
And the second was that the stealth tech of the US made Sea Shadow was so effective,that it actaully made finding the ship easy.Apparently,the ship was so invisible to radar that it actaully appeared as a "hole" in the water.

I dont have much free time this week,but ill try and find some articles on the british waterwall stealth design when i get the chance.

Posted: Jan 20 2004
by Balthagor
Sorry I missed this one...

I've taken note of this but it will be a while before I get the time to search it out. Thanks for the info though.