Question About Future Tech...

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Question About Future Tech...

Post by CptBritish »

I love realism in a game, So ya might have guessed that the amount of units this game has brings water to my mouth but theres only so far you can go by adding 'Real-Life' Future Tech. Most of it will be cancelled, Never finshed watever. Are ya going to 'make up' some units for the campaign, like once all real-life Future tech has gone add things like hover tanks and stuff (Bad E.g. but u get my point)
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Post by India 51A »

IIRC this has been discussed in another thread, and I believe BG said this would not happen. :)
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Actually, this will happen, but the things we fictionalize will be based on real concepts where possible. Projects like the Comanche or Crusader will be listed and if palyers want to revive these programs and complete he developement, they can find out if canceling them was a good idea or not.

We do get some more ambitious fictional stuff, but that requires getting to about tech level 120+
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