Robo-soldiers sent in Iraq

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Robo-soldiers sent in Iraq

Post by FastBoy101 »

Well, this is a psychological change for us, humans... now we can send robots instead of people (well... instead of a few persons at least). The second article here even talks about some robots trying to live on eating dead flies, so maybe our next pet will REPLACE our cat?, ... 85,00.html, ... _tophead_2
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Post by Ironbirgade »

i would think robot soilders would have to be far off tech at least 2025. The pentagon just held a robot truck race and the best that was acomplished was a couple of miles. there could be techs that allow primitive robot upgrades; such as mine detectors or robotic camras with a gun, but real robots that can act better that soilders seem very far off. Then again some people want this game to never run out of tech. I agree, but don't make it rediculaus. Thats my two cents :D
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Post by George Geczy »

The SR2010 tech tree isn't intended to go into the far future - this isn't a 'stone age to energy-being' type of game, after all.

We do go as far as 'Chris's Mech Guys' (or whatever we're calling them this week), but that's the extreme end and isn't really where much game play will be.

As pointed out, the reality of robots today is far separated from the 'wish list' - the DARPA robot-vehicle race was a good example of this, in which the very best researchers couldn't program a vehicle to keep to a path.

-- George.
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Post by tkobo »

Well, when your talking about robotics today, you have to seperate autonimus(sp) and non.

There are already robotic weapon systems in Irag being field tested.
But they still need a human controller.
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