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Posted: May 09 2004
by Vesson
Just wondering, I was being cheap reading books in the bookstore today without buying them... and came across stuff like planes using scramjets, and the application scramjet engines might have in missiles.

Eg, as scramjets are so fast, missiles may be 'kinetic' rather than explosive... their high speed punctures large reinforced bunkers etc with ease.

You probably have scramjet equipped aircraft planned for future tech already, but thought kinetic scramjet missiles & planes would be a very possible future tech.

Posted: May 09 2004
by chancellor
LOSAT uses kinetic rockets.

Posted: May 10 2004
by Balthagor
Well LOSAT is in, I'll need to review Scramjet info before answering it. It's not as simple as just adding the technology. Can't have a technology that doesn't provide something to the game. If memory serves, it will be included.