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Posted: Aug 20 2002
by tkobo
An interesting article on janes site. ... _1_n.shtml

Might we see laser/microwave weapons in game ?

Posted: Aug 20 2002
by Balthagor
I have the article but I haven't given it much thought yet. Too busy working on the list of stuff that really does exist. I promise not to discard the idea without some investigation though. Also, what do people want? Do you want them included?...

Posted: Aug 20 2002
by Hellfish6
I won't say "no" to having them, but not until like 2015-2020. And I doubt they could work in fog, clouds or other kinds of worse weather (lasers are really just like high-tech, high-powered flashlights) - it would take an awful lot of energy to push a beam through any kind of smoke or fog.

I imagine it would initially be most useful in ground based missile defense (missiles, especially ballistic missiles, are pretty thin-skinned especially by the time they return to the atmosphere). Gradually make it more powerful, to air-based missile defense (like the plans for the USAF 747 version of an airborne laser), then air-to-air weapon (like article), then ground vehicle missile defense, and finally ground vehicle weapon.