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Posted: Apr 26 2004
by tinjaw
I assume it means how much supplies and munitions they have. How does this differ from "regular" supply? Or is this actual bang-bang combat?

Posted: Apr 26 2004
by tkobo
I could be wrong on this,but i believe "combat time" was the way to make sure certain units -like aircraft- had some downtime.
So you couldnt have the same aircraft in the air 24/7.
I think it represented fatuge(sp) of the men and equipment.

Posted: Apr 26 2004
by Balthagor
Actually, tinjaw got it right. It's the number of hours they can fight before needing to get resupplied. This became necessary to compare units since a unit that has an attack of 20 with 4 combat hours is better than an attack 30 with 2 combat hours in certain circumstances.