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Re: Forum Maintenance and Upgrade

#16 Post by Anthropoid » Mar 05 2018

number47 wrote:
Mar 05 2018
George Geczy wrote:
Mar 04 2018

Maybe if you flipped your avatar so that the eyes looked left and the cigarette went right, then it would be better. :P

-- George.


What a great idea!!! lol :P
Posts like this make me wish this board had a +Like back-patting functionality :P

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Re: Forum Maintenance and Upgrade

#17 Post by number47 » Mar 19 2018

Not entirely sure it's you (BG), but could you check if something was messed up after the transition because I no longer receive email notification when someone sends me private message even though the setting is set to do so...
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Re: Forum Maintenance and Upgrade

#18 Post by Balthagor » Mar 19 2018

Hmm, now that you mention it...
Chris Latour
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