Nuclear Warfare Suggestion

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Nuclear Warfare Suggestion

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I have no grasp for the difficulty that may be required to implement this. However, enhanced consequences for nuclear exchanges would be interesting. I believe the easiest to incorporate, with the existing capabilities of the engine, would be an emp effect or general degradation of the power grid.

I could imagine implementing this by removing the power grid techs from a nation that was attacked by nukes. Power production would drop significantly (SR TGW levels). The effects on production chains and the world market would make for an interesting game.

If such a thing were implemented, I imagine game play to go something like this.

-Player attacks non nuclear nation:
The attacked nation loses military production and production from the strategic targeting impacts as normal. The attacked nation also loses most power production,
crippling the remaining supply chain and effecting approval. The attacked nation would then have to rally an offence, defense, or recovery with this crippled supply
chain. This nation would likely go broke from filling resource deficits from the world market. They would also loose whatever income they had from world market
exports. The larger impact on the world market due to the sudden change could be interesting as well.

-Player is attacked
The player immediately has all the currently implemented effects of a nuclear exchange as previously listed. The player could lock imports to stop budget drain and
seek favorable diplomatic exchanges for electricity. Then they could start researching power grid techs, implying recovery effort on the ground. All while
coordinating supply and petrol to engage remaining military forces.

Thanks again for years of great games!
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