Unclear/incorrect "Trades on Hold" alert

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Unclear/incorrect "Trades on Hold" alert

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In the save below, Terran Silmila (colony) has Energy Target Supply = Export and Finished Goods Target Supply = 106 days (which is below Sustainability, which is currently 1 day).

However, I'm still getting the Trades on Hold alert, which states:

"We are currently not receiving trade offers from the Merchant AI. This will be the case if we don't specify at least one resource we wish to export and another for which we want more stock."

So, either there's an error occurring that prevents the Merchant AI from engaging in trades with this colony (I have Auto Accept turned on), or the alert text is misleading.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/hikm6s8byr9m4 ... ld.7z?dl=0

Edit: it appears that I was able to shake things loose by turning on the Export Energy priority. However, if I turn Export Energy OFF again, the Merchant AI trades continue.... And then if I set Energy and Finished Goods both to Neutral, I'm still getting Merchant AI exchanges (export energy, import FG), though I would expect to get the Trades on Hold alert instead.

It seems like something isn't wired up quite right.
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Re: Unclear/incorrect "Trades on Hold" alert

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