Shipping people to Orbtial Stations

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Shipping people to Orbtial Stations

Post by Balthagor »

Currently the game allows the player to set up migration that ships people to live at a "space only" colony.

Our team is unsure if we should consider changing this, or if it's just not that important to gameplay...

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Re: Shipping people to Orbtial Stations

Post by supreal »

i think it is a must have to transfer pops between all planets but there must be more control on that.A manual way of pop transfer like resources would be nice(reserves/economy balance) or a way of suicide/deport them :-)
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Re: Shipping people to Orbtial Stations

Post by SGTscuba »

I think a space only colony should be ok. But it would be limited in population though somehow. They can be migrated if needs be later then.
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