AI units concentration before attack

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AI units concentration before attack

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SR and GR AI when attacking enemy usually sends units one by one. Only at the beginning of the war it is grouped. Because of it defending against AI attacks is relatively easy. Fight between AI also become relatively stagnant due to single units have trouble to conquer cities and it is just speed of recreating garrison versus speed of sending new units. This is proposal for algorithm to change it and make those attacks challenging and efficient.

1) establish strategic target ( You have it implemented)
2) send one (recon) unit to make fighting recon.
3) establish concentration point - own territory, supply > 0 on the path to combat point from 2, range above enemy artillery + some number (1-5)
4) send units to concentration point until it will reach units number/strength used before multiplied by some number (1.5 - 3). Group them using battlegroup mechanics You have already implemented for players, but size limit must be much larger.
5) send concentrated units to fight
6) repeat points 4-5 if own territory did not moved closer to target (on the path, with some tolerance like minimum 3 hexes)
7) repeat points 3-5 if own territory did moved closer to target. (on the path)

More advanced algorithm additionally would establish enemy combat strength ( all detected units in combat) and take max (unit strength calculated in point 4 , enemy combat strength times breakthrough number {1.5-3} )

This solution changes 2D map problem into 1D by limiting movement along the path. For path starting point should be selected capitol or unit production facility and end point is strategic target.
From point of view of units it needs to be simplified to single number which would be number of units or some norm for unit strength. In the end You have a number representing if offensive is making progress by gaining control over path by compering before and after attack.
Start of the attack is easily recognized, end of the attack to establish success is harder. It needs to monitor losses in the battelgroup and progress. % of losses to the battlegroup seems to be a best measure of the end of the offensive turn. Like 75% loses ends offensive and starts next iteration. There is also question if include new coming units to this battlegroup after attack starts or send them as usual until the point of ending offensive due to battlegroup loses and starting new concentration (send them as usual seems a safer option).
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