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Star Base's

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What we would need for GR, are a few types.....
an "interstellar" that can be built any location on the Solar Map
a "fortress" style base for fortifying "border" systems...
and Economic "star base"
then "building" options for them...IE Supply Wings, Repair/Construction Docks, Mineral Refiner/Green House etc etc
as an option, have it so you can only build a set # of them...or even have a option to turn on or off in the setting for a limited set of stations...have tech to increase the starting # of stations, as well the more planets to colonize the more stations you can build
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Re: Star Base's

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That's really just an artificial planet or moon. It's been noted in our design docs, but not something for the short term.

For now the design will limit new stations/bases to any planet or moon. That still gives lots of options.
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