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In comparison to other games, should we have stopped doing updates long ago or are we right on the mark with still releasing updates.
Even though I don't post much, I am here a lot, and generally not even logged in. Also, I was one of the guys that waited 4 or 5 years on this game. Was watching it develop from the first breath.

Being an extremely long time, hardcore gamer, I genuinely appreciate the fact that you guys are still releasing updates, listening to ideas, taking care of your forums, etc. I have seen way more than a few companies fold and/or put out a game, then quickly blow it off and move on to the next project. You can't imagine how many thousands of posts I have read that say things like "...well Company X just doesn't support their customers", "...why'd they release the game so soon with it being all buggy?", "why don't they put out a patch or an update or something to fix this crappy game?", "...the company doesn't care about its customers..." etc., etc. The list goes on forever.
After being around the block a few hundred times :-) , and knowing I'm only a single voice, there just is no way to express my gratitude to a (people's) company that is still standing up and standing behind and adjusting and taking care of their game. Believe me, coming from a guy with more games than are countable (some of which fit on a single floppy that you'd put into an Amiga computer) there are not a lot of companies that would give a hundreth of the care to their games that this one has.

Thank you for this. Please keep it up with this game and all of your future endevours. Like I saw in another post, if it comes from Battlegoat, I'd most likely buy it.
Again, thanks.

(btw, for the next one, think WWII :wink: No, it's hasn't been done to death :-) )
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