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campaign population

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ok here is my question.
I started a game as Greece and the 1st one to be destroyed towards the "path of glory" was Bulgaria.So i started an air war aimed at killing the civilian population and making their cities dust.I won by destroying all of them and since my population(even thought it should)never changed i expected to start the next stage with approx. people.Well you can imagine my surprise when i found out that these dead Bulgarians returned to me from their graves and i started with or less).
So are there any thoughts about taking into consideration population war losses when moving to next stage much like it is done with money/inflation?
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Shame on you for employing a strategy that involves such a level of death, destruction, and crimes against humanity :x

Possible answers that I just made up:

1) Even though you thought all the Bulgarians were dead, it turns out they were all just hiding behind trees, and they came out when the war was over.

2) Between scenarios the World Market provided the "Reincarnate the Dead" technology, invented October 2009.

More precisely, the lack of population or facility progression between campaign scenarios is just one of those limitations that the game engine forces us to accept. I recall when I played the SSI "Panzer General" game, there would be some campaign levels where I would take over an entire area (ie, the entire UK), but since I took too long and didn't get a "major victory", the voice-over notified me that "we were not able to hold what we took because reinforcements arrived", and I got sent down a scenario path that would force me to take back the same area all over again. Not very believable in the context.

Adding more to the campaign carry-over is on our list of "to do" things, though the technical details involved make it something that is not easy to achieve quickly.

BTW, more consequences for non-nuclear "war crime" strategies is something that we plan to add in upcoming updates :-)

-- George.
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Post by BigStone »

George Geczy wrote: 2) Between scenarios the World Market provided the "Reincarnate the Dead" technology, invented October 2009.
Damm.. never believed that you guy's put this issue on top of your
to-do list.. :-?

Imho thare are a few -minor- problems needs to be resolved..


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