2010's accuacy

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2010's accuacy

#1 Post by Ruges » Jun 21 2009

So now that we are nearing the start of 2010's timeline. (a lil over 5 months off?) how close was BG to setting up the currents worlds political climate? and the current worlds technology? and the current worlds military deploymnet?

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Re: 2010's accuacy

#2 Post by GIJoe597 » Jun 21 2009

I have never played 2010, but if the USA is on the verge of becoming a socialist or communist country, then they nailed it.

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Re: 2010's accuacy

#3 Post by fool » Jun 22 2009

The USA is nowhere near communist. Whether it is becoming socialist is debateable. Depends on how you define socialist.
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Re: 2010's accuacy

#4 Post by Lightbringer » Jun 29 2009

You mean I get to rant about it up here too!?!? :lol: 8O :wink: :D

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