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by Darkreaper
Apr 02 2009
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Topic: So what's Next?
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Re: So what's Next?

i direct your attention to yonder thread ... &sk=t&sd=a

Think these threads should probably be merged
by Darkreaper
Mar 19 2009
Forum: Development - 2020
Topic: next game roll call.
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Re: next game roll call.

A game set in the age of imperialism post-Napoleon would be nice. Kinda like Victoria I guess. It's not like the 1800's were boring after all... Yeah a game set in the age of Imperialism where large parts of the world are open to conquering and colonization would be really kewl. In SC 2010 and 2020...
by Darkreaper
Mar 06 2009
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Topic: Future Projects
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Future Projects

I was curious if BG studios is planning on working on any new games in the future, like possibly a persistant MMO RTS similar to Supreme Ruler but on a larger scale

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